Around here, we care about the woman within the mom.

And we believe that when a woman learns tools to keep herself healthy, calm and energized while navigating the walk of motherhood…everyone wins.

WellGrounded Life offers authentic, smart, and practical programs for moms who want to invest in themselves so they can show up as their best and brightest to those they love.

You’re welcome here, mama,
Come replenish with us…


UNSTUCK Masterclass

If you want to feel re-connected to yourself, back in the flow of well-being, and grounded in peace of mind- this (free) webinar is for you.

In this Masterclass You’ll Learn:

  • Why so many of us can’t sustain momentum toward feeling more calm, connection or energy
  • The three real reasons you are stuck in overwhelm and exhaustion and how to fix the issue once and for all
  • How to get yourself out from the stress riptide that keeps your mind racing and your body bone-tired
  • How to instantly tap into new energy, new clarity and sustainable well-being – even when you have nothing left to give

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Courses and Programs

Replenish Jumpstart gets you out of feeling stuck, stagnant and spinning-your-wheels and gets you back to Calm, Clarity and Vitality again. In this 9 week program you’ll work through the Vitality Framework which gives you tools to reconnect, build momentum and get back to feeling at home in your own skin again.

Learn More About Replenish Jumpstart

Replenish 365 is a full year, fully supported, self-care program designed for moms who want a step-by-step system built on practical tools and strategies that bring  more calm, clarity, and connection in their everyday lives.

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WellGrounded Institute’s Certification Program for Wellness Educators is for women who want to blend their interest in women’s wellness into a business leading, teaching, and facilitating others to experience more well-being and vitality in their lives.

Learn More About the WGI Certification Program
It is not an exaggeration to say this class enabled me to break free from the chains of years of self-neglect.

At home for 10 years raising four kids, I did not prioritize care for myself.

I think this was for two reasons: I didn’t know HOW to do this.

Also, I truly did not realize the positive impact caring for myself would have on every other endeavor in my life.

~ Kristin