You’re supposed to be tired and cranky…


I’m going to get a little “personal,” for a minute.

The other day, I got my period.  It was a day I had some babysitting hours that I could dedicate toward getting work done.

I woke up tired and irritable, feeling a real depletion of energy.

My previous MO would have been to power through and try to get as much work done as I could, during the few hours I had childcare.

I would have felt more depleted as the day went on, with a rising feeling of resentment bubbling to the surface that would cause me to become short, tense, and irritable with my husband and kids.   I would have spent some of my work hours simply running in circles, in my mind.  I would have felt creatively flat, and a dull headache would begin to settle in.

In my experience, this is what so many of us do, all the time.

We don’t LISTEN to our rhythms, to our bodies, to our spirits.  We don’t honor what we need right NOW.  We keep believing that if we just PUSH. ON. THROUGH. somewhere, there will be a finish line, somewhere there will be the red light, and we can finally rest, someday we’ll see the END of our to-do list.

It’s a lie.   It’s a destructive pattern, and we are losing our lives to it.

Do you know what I did the other day instead of working during those delicious mid-afternoon hours?

I took a long luxurious NAP.  I actually rested my body.  I chose to listen and TRUST that everything will get done that needs to get done.

I put my faith in the quantum physics of living a present and responsive life.

  • When you run at top speed all day long, without times of retreat or refuel … you are supposed to be tired.
  • When you disregard the amazing and infallible wisdom of your body and its rhythms … you are supposed to get resentful and cranky and irritable.
  • When you allow your life to be led by a never ending to-do list, believing that you have no time to prioritize self-renewal … you are supposed to feel flat and uncreative.
  • When you live a life without boundaries and without protecting your inner life-force … you are supposed to feel drained and tapped-out.

These are the messages of a life out of harmony.  They are your LIFELINES, not your burden.

They are the spark of life left in you, begging for you to break the pattern and begin to reassess where you are headed — and whether that is where you really want to be going.

Today, I’m asking you to take stock of your uncomfortable feelings, moods, and “life” symptoms.

Are you tired, tapped-out, frazzled, achy, sore, flat, anxious, sad, uncreative, unproductive, bored?

Get honest and curious.  With a boatload of love and grace, fill in this statement: “Why should I be surprised to feel {insert your feeling, mood, or life symptom}? Shouldn’t I feel that way since I ________________.”

The first step is shining the light.  The second is radical trust that we can shift the sails and change course.

Slow and steady, mama. This is your bright, beautiful life with wide-open seas, ahead.

Much love,