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Welcome to WellGrounded Life!

If you are new around here, I want to welcome you to WellGrounded Life ~ an incredible online community of over 25,000+ women and mothers all over the world desiring to live into their best lives…by choosing to live into their best selves.

Around here self care isn’t another task on our to-do list.

Self-care, well-being and vitality are the pathways we know lead us into the richness we most desire.

Richness in our relationships- with our kids, spouses, friends and family.

Richness in our personal lives- with our sense of creativity, passion and growth.

Richness in our contribution- how we show up, give, serve and love the people and things that are most important to us.

So, we see self-care as a critical part of living a generous, impactful life in every way.

And we want to learn, grow and journey in a grace-filled, authentic community because being a mom can feel lonely in a crowded world…and we need each other now more than ever.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to explore a little more, our arms are open wide- come on in!

One of the best ways to start is by walking through the 7 Days to Calm mini-series I put together when I released my book, Replenish.

It’s 7 short, simple and powerful calming tools that moms can bring into their days immediately to give their bodies and minds a way to shift out of stress and into calm and clarity.

Sign up below and let’s take a walk for a week together- I’d be honored to get to know you more!

7 Days to Calm

Let’s Get Calm Together

The 7 Days to Calm video series walks you through simple and quick tools that help you regain your inner calm and return back to center…fast.

If you are new to WellGrounded Life, I invite you to join me for a week exploring the life-giving kinds of self-care we learn around here.

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