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Today I’ll be speaking to a group of business women about the connection between stress and success. It’s the same connection whether you’re a high powered CEO, an emerging ground-level employee or staying at home raising your children.

Stress impacts the way you do everything. And two things it impacts profoundly are how you invest and what you risk.

Black Friday always leaves me anxious, tense and overwhelmed. It’s just the heightened mania and panic in every exposure to media source out there that sends me into this inner frenzy.

But it seems these past couple years it’s even more than that.

It feels like there’s a frenzy with everything- newsletters are flooded with holiday countdowns, holiday challenges, holiday games, holiday giveaways, holiday programs. If you’ve been with me for any time, you know I have my own holiday offerings too. I don’t think these supports are bad…but I’m noticing that well-meaning offerings are being delivered in the same frenetic pitch that has become the normal way to herald this season.

Which (beyond anxious and tense and overwhelmed) also makes me exhausted. It feels like the energy just drains out of me in the face of it all. So here I am on the eve of sharing something that I’ve been working on for months, something I’ve lovingly and carefully designed, and heart-bursting-open excited to open the doors to…I find myself sipping a warm cup of tea, watching the flickering of a candle and asking myself exactly how do I want to share this news.

This is what I know– the fastest way to get people to spend money on things they don’t need and spend more than they should is to have them choose to buy when they are physiologically in a stress state. From the standpoint of the big business- it’s a no-brainer to keep you distracted by the flashing lights and pumped with messages of scarcity, panic and missing out.

When your brain is functioning under siege of stress hormones, you will invest poorly and you will risk foolishly…every time.

Now, here’s the thing we all invest and risk all the time, every day. It’s part of life. But we do it differently whether we are in a place of stress, tension, anxiety or panic versus when we are in a place of calm, clarity, confidence and connection to our highest and deepest values and priorities.

One of the most profound things you can do is to begin to ground yourself with inner calm before you invest your time, focus or money in anything.  Before you say yes, be sure it is a true-north yes…and that requires taking enough pause to tap into your inner compass.

So as I introduce my new offering to you, I want you to imagine a warm, softly lit, calm, quiet place between you and me. I want you to know I am sharing this with a heart-full of care and desire to serve the women who are meant to come and circle together for a year of extraordinary growth and support and my hope is this will be like a magnet drawing forth the exact women who are meant to circle with me for a year.

There is no panic or coercion or scarcity…just me, with giddy excitement, introducing you to my year-long, extraordinary-growth, mentorship program for moms called Replenish 365.Replenish

This full year experience is unlike anything I’ve offered before.

For the past few months I’ve felt an increasing desire to journey with a circle of women over the course of a full year instead of over the course of a handful of weeks.

I envisioned a journey that would combine the true elements of self care: heart-level work, health-level work, and life-level work where we honor the inner journeys we take as women and mothers as well as learn the tools and strategies that work best to keep our bodies, moods and minds in their highest level well-being.

Over time, Replenish 365 came clear into focus and I’ve been working to ensure every bit of care, attention, value and support are carefully woven into this experience for every woman who is a part of it.

In Replenish 365, I’m committing 365 days to well-being, vitality and joyful living. And I’m offering intensive support for an intimate group of women who are ready to dive into whole-person, life-changing self care for themselves and ultimately for their families as well (because we all know the powerful ripple effect that happens when a mama begins to take extraordinary care of herself!)

Replenish 365 is a year-long process that combines soul care work, lightening bolt learning opportunities and stellar support and I’m just now opening the doors for enrollment.

Come Walk With Me

If this speaks to you..I would consider it a true honor to work with you in this intentional, intimate way. Click here to read more about the year in detail.  And as you do, I’d love you to calmly, intentionally, with deep respect and honor for yourself consider if working with me and being part of Replenish 365 is right for you.

With deep love,


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