The Wise Woman and the Warrior of Motherhood

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Most moms I know feel brought to their knees in gratitude and love for the gift of motherhood.  For the blessing of marriage.  For the opportunity to be alive in a time when there are just so many ways they can express themselves and squeeze the juice out of this amazing life.

And at the same time, so many moms are experiencing deep confusion as to how to feel, deep down in their bones, a sense of fulfillment in their lives here and now…because this mothering thing is hard stuff and requires everything you’ve got and sometimes even more than that.

It’s a paradox that leaves us feeling like we are wasting the most precious and amazing years of our motherhood journey feeling depleted, scattered and flat.

I believe the way we get out of this stuck spot is to begin listening more closely to our inner voice, or as I call her the wise woman.

What is your Wise Woman telling you?

The wise woman is the one who knows she needs to seek true wisdom in order to create the life she wants for herself, her marriage and her children.

The wise woman starts to shift inwardly and ask the hard questions.

She seeks upwardly and asks for guidance and insight.

She seeks the counsel of selected mentors and teachers along the way.

She analyzes what is working and not working in her life– what is bringing her true joy and what is draining her dry.

She begins to question and test things she lets in and what gets access to her.

She takes stock of who and what is getting the best of her and creates clear and realistic plans to get back into integrity with her own life.

The Wise Woman can’t make change alone

For a long time,  I found myself writing the same things over and over again in my journal, knowing in my heart what wasn’t working for me anymore in life…but waking up every day to the same patterns, the same routine, the same dullness and discontent.

See, something else is needed if wisdom is going to make any real difference in our lives.

The “Warrior” needs to rise up.

Because in today’s society, growing your own self into the person you want to be…and developing into the mother you need to be for your children requires both wise insight, clarity AND a willingness to fight for the life you want.

There’s a crazy paradox that is true about life.  In order to shift into a life that is deeply aligned from the inside out, that generates inner peace and contentment, that exudes happiness and confidence…you must be willing to fight for it.

To fight to protect yourself and your family from all the influences and noise and confusion coming at you from every side.

Fight against the pull of shining objects that keep you in a lust-driven ADD state of scattered thoughts and impulsive decisions.

Fight against the lure that something out there or some life other than what you have in front of you would solve all your problems.

It’s the tag team of wise woman and warrior that needs to rise up in you when you are really ready to become the woman you long to be — a woman comfortable in your own skin again and deeply content and present in the life you are living.

One of the things that became painfully clear in my own life was that we have backward definitions of some essential concepts.

We get wound up and seriously confused around passion, purpose, priorities and paths of service.  

But when we get these things right, when we get clear on what they really are and how they can directly and immediately apply in our own lives- major shifts start happening and everything begins to fall into place- kind of like on the magical level. 

I want to invite you to a live 4 class series I created to walk you through this process.  Simple, enlightening, exploratory and most importantly practical and applicable to real choices and real issues going on in your life right now.

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I’m beyond giddy and excited about this.

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Much love and a life worth fighting for,


p.s.  I’d also like to ask you to share this with other women you know who may benefit.  Sometimes we pass along just the right encouragement, inspiration or offerings and make a huge difference in someone’s life.  I’d love it if you’d spread the word.



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  1. Kristin Avatar

    Your message is speaking to the struggles and emptiness I am feeling in this season. I am so very excited for this class!

  2. Kristin, Love that you are part of the group – it is going to be a fantastic class series!

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