Why You Should NOT Cleanse

There are some health reasons that would keep you from cleansing.  For things like pregnancy or nursing you’d want to choose a highly nourishing cleanse or a replacement cleanse that I detail in my cleansing course.  If you’re dealing with a serious health concern you should seek out one-on-one support to determine if a cleanse is right for you.

For most of us, though, there is another reason why we should not cleanse.

You should not cleanse if you do not want to.

Sounds almost too obvious to state, huh?

But how many times do we do things that we don’t really want to do?

We bulldoze past that inner voice that is telling us we are not ready for this.  One of the ways our body communicates with us is through energy.

That deep magnetic energy that either draws us to something or repulses us from it.

If we ignore it long enough we can begin to miss these signs all together.

It is important to reawaken our connection to what our body is telling us because it holds wisdom that our rational or emotional minds don’t have. And this leads me to goal-setting.

The most crucial part of cleansing is the time spent planning for a successful cleanse and setting specific goals for your cleanse.  One of the reasons to do this is to help you listen to why you want to do this.

Your clear, simply-stated goal will help you to choose the right cleanse and to plan all the important supports you’ll need for success because it is your guidepost.

You should also use your goal to assess whether taking on a cleanse right now is the right timing for you.

Here is a quick example.

Let’s say one of your goals is to increase your energy.

Cleanse Your Life will lead you through a process which puts together a detailed cleansing plan with that goal in mind.

Now sit with that plan and that goal and get in touch with your physical and emotional self.

Are feeling fired up about this?  Are you gaining energy or losing it? Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of adding another thing to your plate. Are you feeling excited  to shift your responsibilities for the week so you can accomplish this cleanse?

There are many fantastic reasons to enter a cleanse.

But if you do not want to cleanse right now, great reasons are not good enough.

It is important to listen to and honor your inner voice. When we listen often enough, we come to trust ourselves and get in the habit of acting with grace and compassion toward ourselves.

So if you are considering a gentle whole foods cleanse today…take a moment to really check in .  Listen and notice whether this is something you are attracted to or resisting.  And then honor that.

Are you in the habit of trusting your inner voice?

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