What would you do

differently today

if you had a

clearer mind,

more energy

and a lighter body?

Are you are a busy mom, who spends a whole lot of your time taking care of others while your own needs are put on the back burner?

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar:

Most days the craziness starts before breakfast, juggling schedules, remembering assignments, and finding your keys.

You struggle to get on top of the day. You battle through with low energy, feeling overwhelmed and weighted down.

By the end of the day, you’ve fallen into a pattern of fending off cravings with candy and caffeine and snacking till dinner.

When the kids are finally asleep, you collapse into bed, exhausted but heading right into a tomorrow that will look the same as today.

If you are really honest, you know this is not how you want to be living.

You don’t want to just. get. through. the. day.

And the thing is, you’re a pretty smart lady. You know you could feel so much better– and enjoy this time of your life so much more– if you gave yourself what you needed to stay at the top of your game.

The hard part is sorting through all the bits and pieces of information available. There are thousands of articles, books, classes and blogs out there that give you snippets of the good stuff…tips and tricks, advice and statistics…but no one puts it together. They give just a little piece of the whole picture, just enough to keep you right where you are and coming back for the next bullet list.

In fact, this is what has been killing me about my own blog. I know that if you haven’t done the work of getting the fundamentals of health in place in your life than what I write about may be interesting or even slightly helpful– but real change isn’t happening. It all gets filed under wishful thinking.

And it kills me even more to see other moms feel as lost when it comes to taking care of themselves as I used to feel. Always grasping at the next new superfood, diet plan or strategy for stress relief that may make real change in your life, but never did.

When you get bombarded with too much impotent information, you get burned out pretty fast.

The thing is, when you are in overwhelm you can’t incorporate little snippets of helpful information. Look at it this way, if you are desperately trying to make it upstream against rapids in a boat full of holes, someone giving you a great tip on a scented massage oil for foot rubs isn’t going to be really helpful. Once you are flowing in a healthy direction in a boat that is solid and in good working condition, then you are open to taking a bit of good information and incorporating into your life for the better…but you need the fundamentals in place first.

You need a process that lets you discover your personal needs and personal solutions. What foods make your body feel its best. What is keeping you from having crazy amounts of happy energy every day. What you need to feel fulfilled and content at the end of the day. Why your body craves the foods it does. How to understand and manage your emotional ups and downs.

It’s about bringing healthy systems into your life that work for you because they are designed for you.

And you need the skills to get back in touch with your body so you can listen to what it is saying instead of battling it day in and day out.

And you need tools so that these changes work with your schedule and with your life…so that your precious mental energy isn’t being used up by overthinking and obsessing about food.

Then you can get back to doing great things with your life and loving your family from a grounded state of wellness.

Are you still with me?

Awesome. Welcome in. You are in good company!

I’d like to invite you toexplore Designed for Wellness.

I’ve taken my tremendously successful individual counseling program and converted it to a dynamic online course.

We’ll take a completely holistic approach to nutrition, which means we focus on how all the areas of your life are connected.  We get the fundamentals of excellent nutrition down by giving you skills to learn what your body needs and how to feed it best.

You’ll learn tools and integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle as it is. You’ll be set free from the exhaustion of thinking constantly about losing weight, managing stress or increasing energy because you’ll be putting actions into place that take the mental piece out of the equation.

And you won’t starve parts of yourself any longer because we’ll address your whole person. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual practice are essential forms of nourishment too. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.

This course is a step by step way to bring healthy eating and whole-person vitality into a busy mom’s life, I hope you’ll take a minute to get more details.