Why Little Things And Small Steps Make All The Difference


My father asks me all the time, “Lisa, how are all the little things?”

Growing up hearing that question, I never really understood the wisdom in it.

But now I know that most of the time, it’s the “small” things of life, left unattended and chronically wearing us down, that can do us the most harm.

When something big happens, we tend to get more intentional about seeking out support, taking things off our plate that we can’t manage, and focusing our energy on getting through the issue.

But the little things. The daily stresses.  The eating poorly.  The slight headaches. The few extra pounds we add every month or so.  The anxiety at work.  The frustrations at home. The late nights and poor sleep. The feeling scattered and disorganized. The weeks that go by without meaningful connection with our spouses.

The little things are life.

Each one individually doesn’t seem all that bad…but collectively they can overwhelm us and leave us feeling drained, stressed, and incongruent with how we truly want to live life.

Too many imbalanced little things just suck the joy from us.

If you were to take stock of your life right now…How are all the little things?

And most importantly what one small thing could you do today to help alleviate it?

Have you been hitting the drive thru too much lately?

Can you just this one time, pack a healthy lunch or snack and put it in the car so you’ll feel better after eating it?

Have your mornings been feeling increasingly stressful?

Can you take 15 minutes tonight and do one thing that would make the morning run smoother (prep breakfasts, lay out clothes, clean up the kitchen, put all backpacks and lunches in the car, write a love note to your children or husband and post on the bathroom mirror…)?

Have you noticed your stress-related snacking is becoming a bit out of control?

When you feel the intense stress rise, can you drink a glass of water, take some deep long breaths, stretch, rub your shoulders, and reach for some trail mix instead of the candy bar…just for today?

Our lives really are made up of small choices and moments.  We too easily overwhelm ourselves thinking we need to solve everything that is out of balance immediately.

What really works is taking this moment right now and doing one small thing to shift direction.

What’s your one small thing you’ll commit to today?