When you get this right, you’re smooth sailing…


We need to talk about something that makes most of us give up on positive change way too soon in the game.

In it’s simplest terms- when you commit to change, you’ll be challenged.

It’s like entering the ocean from the beach. At the shoreline, right where the waves are breaking, is often the roughest part of the journey. You get knocked down more often in those first few feet of entering the ocean than anywhere else. But once you’re past the waves breaking, it gets easier as you go farther out.

And the same is true in life.

Setting out to make a positive change in your life in any aspect (personal, family, work, relationships)…that first leg of the journey is often full of choppy waters pushing you back toward the shore.

This will happen every single time you want to change something in your life.

  • Want to eat healthier?  The ice cream truck will make its rounds every day for the whole week in front of your house (even when you haven’t seen it all summer long).
  • Want to remain calm without yelling at the kids?  You’ll have the most epic code-red screaming-lady episode yet- sometimes even hours after you’ve made the commitment to yourself that you will not yell today.
  • Want to foster more respect and intimacy in your marriage?  This will be the morning your spouse wakes up with a wicked headache and grumbles all morning long under his breath.

Change engages within us a desire and commitment to expand into a bigger, brighter, more spacious place in the world.

And transition isn’t comfortable in the beginning- not only are you feeling off your own center, but everyone around you (whether they’re aware of it or not) is energetically feeling the shift too and they respond with their own version of a push back.

If you’re going to make it through those initially turbulent waters of change you have to be prepared for them.

You have to walk differently. You have to focus on regaining a strong center of balance each step of the way. This is EXACTLY why I decided to offer my 7 Days to Calm series.

I want to be there for that push back so you can establish strong roots of calm in your life – to feel the wave of confidence that happens when you make it through to smoother waters.

7 Days to Calm is how I am going to take your hand and get you past the crashing waves.  And because this was my main goal for this class I’ve set it up in 3 specific ways.

1. Immersion

You’ll get me guiding you every day, for 7 days straight. I’m not sure when that large wave will come up and challenge you to turn around and retreat, but I know when support is consistent and predictable it builds momentum. In a mama’s world small daily doses of support for a full week can make a huge difference in the beginning of this journey.

2. Quick, small, forward movements

We’re going to move massively forward not in huge leaps, but in small, steady, incremental steps every day. I promise this gets us so much farther in the end game. It’s a concept I’ll talk more about in our class, but we’ll come to understand the science behind shifting our well-being into healthier, happier and calmer waters by leveraging small, targeted practices.

3. Focusing on one small change at a time

We aren’t going to try to change every single aspect of your life or well being at once. We’re going to focus on the taproot and help you get a strong foothold on inner calm. We’re targeting the “emergency response techniques” that work when you’re already stressed out and need a fast, effective way to calm yourself and regain composure in the moment. 

Much love,