A couple weeks ago I was sitting on the couch laying on my husband’s lap, feeling completely defeated and deflated from the day.

All I could make out was, “I feel like such a fake.”

Here I am doing this work in the world, supporting other moms who are taking amazing strides, reclaiming their health, feeling great in their bodies, restoring their emotional health, clearing their minds…and I’m just falling apart.

I’m not eating well, I’m consumed with stress, I’m flying off the handle multiple times in the day, I’m in a total funk.

And of course, once you get it all out there…out of your head into a space where someone can hold it lovingly and reflect it back to you in full view…the truth is just so much easier to see.

Exactly who would I be serving if I never had these times in my life?

I don’t know one other woman, I mean really know another woman, who doesn’t lose it or feel lost or forget to care for herself.  Who doesn’t let all her strategies and systems for staying healthy fall to the wayside when life throws curve balls and you shift into survival for a while.

Who doesn’t fall off the path, and feel disillusioned and confused as to how to get it back together.

What would I offer if I didn’t struggle with what we ALL struggle with?

And I reminded myself in that moment, as my husband was simply rubbing my shoulders and smoothing my hair that:

The goal is not perfection, it is wholeness.

And the incredible thing about where I am in life now (as opposed to a few years ago) is that I know what works, I know how to pinpoint what my priority needs are,  how to translate my body’s messages, how to get to the source of the life-drains quickly, how to step back on the path, how to reengage systems and strategies (and not have to recreate them), how to put a little fire back into my focus and make my next move in life (even my next breath) bring me close to where I want to be.

And what I needed was a jumpstart, a reset button..OK, a swift kick in the pants.

If you know my style, you know I’m all about moderation–and sometimes that means moderation in moderation- and you need a little bit of extreme to get the ball rolling again.

So I set out to plan for a whole-life cleanse.  And I have a WHOLE lot more to share about that process because it is just what many of you may need to shift out of a funk and into major momentum right now.

Spring is around the corner and there are times when the very best medicine is to reacquaint yourself with just how GOOD and FUN and LIGHT it feels when you overdose on healthy, clean, energizing foods

…and then once you get the speed up, you need to take care of all the friction that keeps slowing you down, so you can let inertia do its thing and let all that movement in the right direction carry you farther and farther along.

It’s the inside out process of clearing the decks, getting squeaky clean and paving the path to gain major ground on where you want to be heading.