Is it just me or are you also feeling this incredible urge to purge and cleanse lately? 

It’s like I’m nesting (which I’m not wink), but I’m going through closets, organizing cabinets, sipping on detox tea and eating crazy amounts of garlic and greens.

Something is stirring, mamas!

This is what I think is happening:

Fall (and Spring) are seasons of preparation and transitional shifting.  Intuitively, I have felt myself preparing for the winter months ahead.

The winter season calls us to go into deeper reflection.  It’s the season of growing deep roots for the goals and dreams stirring underneath.

But so many of us find this time of the year to be completely overtaken by hectic schedules, out of control eating and stressful relationships.  Ushering in this beautiful season in chaos and stress is the exact opposite of what our souls are yearning for.  

A couple of years ago, I was so committed to rewriting the experience I had around the winter holidays (which for me and my family are sacred and special) that I created a whole program to share with this community around how to take back the reigns and experience the holiday season with more happiness, health and meaning.

I (not so cryptically) called it Your Roadmap to a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Holiday (and Winter) Season.

Roadmap to a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Holiday Season - Click to learn more!Since this is a season-specific program it isn’t available year round.  I’m releasing it now and it will be available until December 15. 

For those who want to jump in early, I’m offering an October special: purchase between now and Nov 1st and you get a significant discount.  Regularly I charge $79 for this 3-part program, but from now until Nov 1st you can snag it at $49.

Regardless of whether this program is a good fit for you, I encourage you to reserve just a small bit of time this month.  Take a pause before the frenetic pace starts up and envision what is most important to you about these next few months.  Get clear on where your deepest values and priorities lie.  

Then create clear and simple plans and strategies that allow you to move through these beautiful months of celebration feeling in control, calm, connected to those you most love, spiritually fed and at peace.

How we lead the way is the tone and cadence that our family follows.  It’s such a gift to re-write these months so we (and those we love) can have a different experience than our society sells us on.

Sending you much love,
p.s.  Here is the link again if you’d like to hear more about the Roadmap to a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful Holiday (and Winter) Season.  Remember that if you’re interested, get access now and get the discount!