What is a Wellness Educator ?

The WellGrounded Institute Training and Certification program opens up incredible new opportunities for you to share, teach, and mentor others.

As a Certified Women’s Wellness Educator you are trained to:

  • Speak to groups and organizations
  • Teach classes, courses and programs
  • Lead workshops and retreats
  • Partner with existing groups and organizations (large and small)

Once you have completed training, you can:

  • Start a new business by offering talks, classes, workshops or retreats to your community (both locally and virtually)
  • Enhance an already existing business you own by expanding your offerings into teaching and speaking opportunities
  • Partner with local groups like moms groups, community centers, doctors’ offices, libraries, schools, yoga centers, spas and churches to offer their members classes and workshops
  • Reach a worldwide audience through online courses, webinars, podcasts and videos

Sound exciting? It is.

In the world of health and wellness there is a lot of confusion as to what different training programs offer and prepare you to actually do upon graduation.

In general, you can distinguish programs based on whether they are prepare you to act as a practitioner, coach, or educator.

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Wellness Educators build communities.

And their passion is to nurture, grow and support those communities.

As a certified wellness educator, you will be prepared to teach, educate, inspire, and equip women with tools and knowledge that help them change their lives and their families’ lives.

The training program is designed to provide you with a cohesive body of knowledge about the most critical areas of support women need to learn as they seek to bring in more calm, connection, and vitality to their lives.

Because wellness educating as a business model focuses on group work, you are able to expand your reach and impact by serving larger audiences and capitalizing on the synergistic power of group dynamics. There is something incredibly healing when groups of women come together to learn and grow!

This training program is designed for both women starting new careers as wellness educators as well as women who are expanding already established careers in wellness work.

Many women who have are currently working as a wellness practitioner or wellness coach, use this training to expand their offerings and reach new and larger groups of women to serve.

Wellness Educating is a flexible and prosperous wellness model that allows for a large breadth of options to explore as you build and grow your business.


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