What Do You Believe About Cleansing?

I’ve been focusing these past couple months on completing The Real Food Cleansing Guide. I’m excited to announce the release of this ebook and wanted to share a few thoughts that surfaced as I worked through it.

I started to realize how we hold so many standards or beliefs in our minds— mostly kept hidden away in our sub-concious, that dictate what things we will explore or take on and what things we already deem un-doable. And what I find fascinating is how often these beliefs are not set in reality. And how often they keep us from experiencing really positive, enjoyable things.

Take cleansing and detox. One of the strongly held beliefs around cleansing is that it is an all-or-nothing, extreme, starve yourself with exotic shakes and supplements kind of thing. The concept that you can go through a healthy, effective, simple detox that doesn’t leave you hungry and cranky never occurs to some folks. It seemed too …. I don’t know, maybe too EASY?

And it got me thinking of this “no pain, no gain” mantra that is underwritten into so many things we accept as true- especially in the health and wellness world.

If somewhere deep inside you believe that to regain your health you must restrict, starve and control yourself…I have some great news…consider checking out my new book. You’ll learn about gentle, step by step ways to cycle in short-term healthy cleanses that give you little jump starts along the path of feeling physically lighter, mentally clearer and more energy.

The Real Food Cleansing Guide is designed for beginners to the cleansing world. There are no expensive supplements, juices, shakes or fasting involved. You’ll be eating whole foods that are designed by nature to cleanse and clarify your body and mind. You’ll be guided to create the perfect cleanse for you, with details on which foods to include depending on the season you enter the cleanse.

Most importantly this guide keeps cleansing uncomplicated so you can enjoy the benefits of riding accumulated toxins and get your body back on track– shedding weight, boosting energy, feeling cleaner, improving digestion and regaining mental clarity.

Read more here.

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