What are you circling around?


Have you noticed men don’t tend to circle around each other when they’re talking? They do more of a lineup sort of thing 😉 But it’s instinctual for women to circle- to gather and face inward toward one another.

It’s also instinctual for us to seek out our commonality- to search for what binds us together, our shared opinions, experiences, and beliefs about the world.

Being wired for connection through commonality is a powerful part of how we were designed.

We know the strength and safety that comes when we keep our connections strong and vital.

And yet, I’ve started to get curious about what we, as women, choose to circle around in our everyday lives – when we meet at the schools for pick up, or at the grocery store, or in the front yard. It’s important to listen closely to where our conversations go because almost always you can start to pick out what core issue or belief everyone is agreeing on– either intentionally or through acquiescence.

And what your circle is agreeing on (either spoken or unspoken) influences your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions more strongly than most of us realize.

There is something absolutely magical when women circle around something that is life-giving, bigger than themselves, positive, true and visionary.

When you find yourself in those kinds of circles, your life starts to literally rise up and transform around you. There’s incredible power in a community that sees the best in each other and holds the highest vision of goodness for each other’s lives.

If there’s a magic formula to finding your circle of authentic connection in the world it’s finding the people who allow you to be completely honest with where you are AND who never lose sight of who you are becoming.

That’s what makes a circle of women powerful.

It’s the harmony of honesty and the commitment to forward movement. It’s being met exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, where you are and loved for who you are, just as much as you are buoyed and led forward in your journey to more wholeness and happiness.

I’d love to hear about times when you’ve had those kinds of powerful connections in your life…or what you find you tend to circle around with your current group of friendships. Leave a comment below…

Here’s to deep bonds of health, healing and love,