What does your “Veil of PMS” tell you?


I want to tackle PMS head on today because it’s a huge issue for so many women.  And I truly believe that the only way to resolve and relieve PMS symptoms is to take an integrative approach.

But there is another aspect about PMS that is far too often ignored.

Think of the days you experience PMS as if you are living with a “thinner veil” between what is happening internally for you and what is happening in your world. Whereas other weeks of the month, our natural hormonal cocktails give us just enough resiliency to mask the deeper feelings we have about situations or relationships in our life, the veil thins out during PMS.

Many times the intensity of our PMS week allows us to see and experience with sharper clarity (and sharper sting) what we really aren’t okay with.

For example, I may be able to brush off rude comments from someone most of the month, but if it happens the week before my period, I can get hugely offended and reactionary.

One way to see this is the default “blame it on the hormones”.

Another way is to pause and ask, “Could this be a sign that I shouldn’t be so accepting of rude comments most of the time?”  “Am I actually allowing myself to react appropriately (albeit a little intensely) at being spoken to disrespectfully?”

What if we saw our PMS as a gift?

There are many nuances here, for sure.  But if I’m properly caring for my body…if I’ve supported my hormonal cycles and am simply experiencing a natural stretch of time in my month where I am closer to the surface and less able to just “let things go.” Perhaps these alarm bells are a huge gift. 

Not a gift to be tolerated, but one that gives you clear signs toward what needs attention in your life.

The thinner veil, allows you to see something (perhaps a little magnified) but there none-the-less and gives you the opportunity to honor yourself and bring it to light instead of stuffing it down and making excuses for it.

In the comments, I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced this “thinning of the veil” during your pre-menstrual week and what specific struggles you experience during PMS.