A while back I had the great privilege to be part of the bodyheart campaign created by Amber Krzys.  I’m a huge fan of her movement and message- to help women break free from their body-hate prisons, and help them into a place of care, kindness, compassion and love for who they are and the magnificent bodies they have. 

At the photo shoot we are asked to share a part of our body that we love.  I chose my thymus.  Probably not the most popular of choices…but I share with you in the video below why I chose it and what exactly it has to do with an improved immune system and activated energy.

In my course, Reset Refresh and Radiate I explore many more mind/body exercises and energy medicine techniques that calm the stress response, increase stress resiliency, and balance hormone levels.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I shared in the video…AND I’d love to hear what one part of your body YOU love most!  Let me know in the comments below..and as always, please share this with others who may benefit from it as well!