The simplest (and cheapest) self care tool out there…

The simplest (and cheapest) self-care tool out there…


Of all the self-care tools out there, I still believe that a little time, a journal and a pen are among the most powerful.

Because there is nothing quite like a mama who knows herself…and, as a result, knows who she is becoming. 

Within the pages of my journals, I have prayers and processing, mirrors and meaning-finding. I delve into self-reflection and self-expression in a safe place, as I’m figuring out what I want to keep and what needs to go as I’m growing into the woman I’m meant to be.

Over the years I’ve explored a number of different journaling techniques, but my favorite method uses reflective prompts.

I’ve found that whether you are a beginner journaler or more experienced, having some prompts to steer your thoughts open up whole new rooms of discovery and can feel hugely productive – especially if, like me, you tend to get into mental ruts and go over the same issues again and again.

Reflective prompts give you new starting places to explore that break up negative patterns and open new ways of thinking about things. And because they are simply prompts – they leave a lot of space for you to take whatever direction you most need to explore.

What kinds of journaling work best for you?




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  1. Angelina Degelder Avatar
    Angelina Degelder

    Reflective prompts – is there such a journal? Can you elaborate?

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