The Secret to Moving Smoothly through Menopause

The Secret to Moving Smoothly through Menopause


Want to know the #1 secret to moving through menopause smoothly and enjoyably?

Stop stressing out!

Here’s the deal:

Up until you enter menopause your ovaries make the majority of the estrogen, progesterone and testosterone your body needs to stay juicy, vital, intimate and spunky.  These sex hormones do a lot of other important things as well, like helping your mind stay sharp and focused and your moods uplifted and balanced.

As you approach menopause your ovaries slow down production of these sex hormones until, at menopause, they finally no longer produce them at all.

And as this happens the responsibility of producing your sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) fall on your adrenal glands. Your adrenals are your stress hormones.

So, as the ovaries shut down, the adrenals need to pick up in their place.

If your adrenals are fried because they have been overly fatigued due to chronic stress (both chronic physical stress and/or chronic emotional stress), this causes a difficult transition into menopause.

Yup.  Those adorable little plums on top of your kidneys, the adrenal glands, now not only have to produce your stress hormones but your sex hormones…and if they aren’t plump and healthy- entering menopause is no cake walk.

So regardless of where you are on your sex hormone journey — pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, or menopausal — paying attention and nourishing your adrenals is the very best thing you can do to help these natural transitions.

p.s. I would love to hear what’s happening for you on the menopausal front. Are you already experiencing the transition?  Do you have questions about entering that next season?  Please let me know in the comments. I can guarantee you, you aren’t alone in this.



3 responses to “The Secret to Moving Smoothly through Menopause”

  1. I would love to hear more about this area of a woman’s life. I feel that there is very little…

  2. I agree and I have found that after a complete hysterectomy those poor little adrenal glands are working overtime! Keeping your cortisol down is a challenge as well because they all work together.

  3. Wendy Sarasin Avatar
    Wendy Sarasin

    As I’m approaching this stage of life I’d love to have more information. My adrenals are already working improperly as I take a medication to help with this. I worry about what I just read above, what if they aren’t working well enough to take over?

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