What supermodels know about getting fit after having kids

I read this post a few days ago from the blog Mother of the Year Notes.  And while Kathryn writes in her normal hilarious tone, she also underscores a lot of points I think many moms feel. She write:

“My weight.  Cheezus, will it ever not be an issue?

Ya see, I got my panties all in a bunch after I saw a picture of Heidi Klum in a bikini…And, I’m willing to bet that she has, if not one, then 2 people helping her with her kids.  And, I’m willing to bet she has a trainer, and maybe even someone who cooks for her.  Isn’t Seal a stay-at-home dad these days too?  He’s probably ordering take-out macrobiotic  dinners.

The majority of moms don’t have these resources available….

The issue for me, is that I just can’t seem to come up with the magical formula.”

The key is support

The thing is, whether Heidi really has a whole bus-full of help on hire or not…the underlying truth is that she does have support toward getting herself back into shape and feeling her best. And she has support because she prioritizes it.

It’s tempting to just assume that getting support to stay healthy is simply a luxury for some women who have a huge budget to work with.  And so we sigh in resignation that if only we could hire who she hires, we’d feel better…but we’ll just gaze over the fence admiring her greener grass.

I am not suggesting that we should all be using Heidi Klum as our measuring stick.  I’m not saying, even, that her level of priority or focus on getting back in shape should be our priority. Kathryn, in the post I quoted from above, makes great points about media focus and unrealistic  pressure that we put on oursleves.

But I think there is a middle ground between the intense focus and high-level support that a supermodel may have to take care of herself on one end and putting our health and wellness completely off the list of things we prioritize and resigning ourselves to feeling that there is nothing we can do feel better.

In fact, I know there is an option between these extremes…because it is the work I do in the world.

I’m going to suggest that feeling better in your own body, thinking more clearly, having more energy, experiencing calm and balanced moods, responding to stress more effectively…ending your day feeling well and resilient not drained and overwhelmed are goals that you can reach.

Yes, you’ll need to put yourself back on the list of people you care for.  Yes, you’ll need support, targeted solid information, strategies and tools that fit into your life and are designed to fit you individually.

And yes, this can be affordable…and leave you with skills that keep you caring for yourself for years in the future, not just an expired gym membership or old points calendars from days when you spent way too much time counting up the foods you ate.

This is something different. I created this program specifically for busy moms.  I’m so excited to share it with you, because I know it works. I know it will be transformative in your life.

Designed for Wellness is a 12 week online multimedia course that gives busy moms the support, skills, and strategies they need in order to live healthy, energized and grounded.

Sound like something you’d like to know more about? Click here for the nitty gritty. And if the course sounds like a good fit for the changes you want in your life, don’t wait. 


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  1. Kristin Avatar

    ahhhh yes. i love this post because it reminds me why I feel so good about my recent purchase (registration).

  2. Oh yes! And so excited to have you as part of the class! The group is really growing…it’s going to be a great group of women!

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