The Radiant Mama Telesummit- Join me!

I’m speaking at the Radiant Mama Telesummit– Would love you to join me and so many other mamas as we explore how to ignite our passions and live into our most authentic and fulfilled lives together!

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Radiant Mama


One response to “The Radiant Mama Telesummit- Join me!”

  1. Christy Taylor Avatar
    Christy Taylor

    Blessed evening to you. Wanted to drop a thought in expanding so many offerings, that we notice so very much about mothers happiness, ‘hotness’, ( a cultural masculine brainwash that women buy into can dishonor the joy of mothering) at summit, yet so little on the joy, mysticism, beauty and magic of giving and guiding childrens spirits as a spiritual teacher, their first one. How about posts on spiritual parenting, teachers and saints books on education and harmonious guidance such as Hazerat khan, yogananda and his kids schools, attachment parenting and celebs following it, etc. there’s only so much mamas focus before it gets a bit empty and the kids start looking like the obstacle rather than the goal. Many moms would love to expand their horizons with wisdom, rather than constant ‘say no’, be hot sexy, and impossible to ever be ‘full’, goals unrelated to deep connections with vulnerable children in a toxic overwhelming culture. Maybe you could spread the word and we could complete the balance. Thank you. God bless.

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