I’m already in absolute awe of the circle that has formed in Replenish 365. Over 100 women from all over the world are gathering for this incredible, life-changing journey together.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received some very thoughtful questions from moms who are considering joining the group. And I know that if one woman asks, there are many others wondering the same thing.

(If you already know this is not for you- no need to read on.  Hit delete and I’ll catch you in soon with my next article!)

But if you are still considering this program, even a little, these questions may help you make an informed decision.

So here are the most popular questions I’ve received about Replenish 365…perhaps you’ve had these questions yourself?

Q | Lisa, I live in Ireland (or any other non-USA country) and was wondering if I can still participate.  Are you able to send me the book as well?

A| Absolutely!  Replenish 365 is filled with mamas hailing from all over the world.  We are truly an international community here!  If you can get a package from Amazon.com, you can get a package from me.

Q | Lisa, I was wondering about the group mentorship call times.  I’m in a different time zone and not sure I could make them. 

A | Throughout the year we will have our group calls on the last friday of each month. You will have the opportunity to meet with me on the phone live twelve times. I will work to alternate the times of the calls throughout the year so that most of us can make it at a reasonable hour.

The ability to get my eyes, ears, mind and heart on you and your specific needs, questions and challenges through these calls is a fantastic way to get personal support.

That being said, I also know that whether it is time zones or our toddlers nap schedule- sometimes you may not be able to make the calls live.  In this case you are always welcome to email in questions beforehand and I will field them on the call, so you can listen to a personal response from me.  Every call is recorded for all course participants.

Q | Lisa, this feels like a lot of material- On average, how much time will this take for me to get the most out of it?

A |  You are right!  This is a lot of targeted, streamlined and practical info.  But you won’t find yourself with a massive library of information that just sits there gathering dust because I have done the work in organizing and translating it into actionable, easy to consume parts.

Generally the teaching modules will have an audio class component that is on average around 30 minutes.

Some weeks there will be an accompanying short video (in the 10 minute range.)

There will also be streamlined lifework materials that help guide you to make the work more relevant in your life.  Going through these materials could be between 15-30 min on average.

Not every week is exactly the same, but this is a general sense.

That being said, all the material for the whole year is designed with a busy mom in mind. There will be weeks when you have more time to invest than others–we totally get that and built it into the design. You can access all the material at any time (and for a lifetime!).  Women who take my courses revisit the material over many times because they can dive in to the work in different ways as the seasons of their life change and allow.

Q | I know Replenish 365 officially began January 6, did I already miss material if I join now?

A |  You will not miss out of anything! Everything we’ve released up until now is available to you immediately when you sign up. You can feel free to dive into previous week’s work at your own pace and pick up where we are as we move forward together into the year.

Please note, though, that the last day to join is January 30. This is because our first group mentorship call is on the 31st and we’ll be matching up small group accountability partners the first week of February. At that point the doors close so we can settle in and gel as a group for the incredible year ahead of us!

Q | I feel a little odd asking this, but am I too old for this group? My children are grown and I wonder if this is primarily for women with young children?

A |   I would be thrilled to have you as part of this program and want you to know that you will find yourself in a beautifully diverse group of moms!

While the majority of the women who take my courses are moms to school-aged childrenthere are a handful of women who are moms to adult children and who are grandmothers themselves! Our range is from newborn (one of our mamas just gave birth days ago) to adult children.

There will also be a range of us hormonally, as well, from child-bearing to peri-menopausal and menopausal. I find it a great blessing that the WellGrounded Life community draws such diversity as it always blesses the group to have the wisdom of many perspectives along the journey.

Q | I’m concerned about the Facebook group – I don’t “do” facebook, will I still feel connected?

A |  While not the majority, there are always a percentage of women who choose not to join the FB group in all of my courses.  There is never anything that we include in the FB group (course material wise) that you will not receive via your course pages access and weekly emails, so in terms of missing out on material that is not an issue at all.

In terms of the community, we’ve built in multiple ways to connect and gain community support: (1) Small accountability groups where you decide as a small group (of 3) how you’d like to support each other, (2) Monthly group mentorship calls live with me and (3) the Facebook group.

If you would feel well supported in the other ways of connection available, FB may not be necessary for you at all.
That all being said, the FB group is very active and I am very present on it, so it may be something you’re interested in exploring, but if not, that is totally fine too.

Q | Could you give me a little more information about the topics covered throughout the year?

A |  As a quick overview, the year begins by exploring calming strategies from a number of perspectives: limbic calming techniques, sovereign thoughts, and foods that calm and steady our metabolism and biochemistry.

Then we shift the lens more fully to nutrition and explore specific ways foods impact our energy, mood, mental clarity, metabolism, cravings, mindfulness and food, as well as core self care practices that enhance proper sleep, immunity, and movement.

Next we explore cleansing and detoxifying from a whole-foods, whole-life perspective and learn how to cleanse and nourish through a whole foods cleanse. This topic extends into how to cleanse through your self care, personal care products and into your home, kitchen and pantry environment.

Next we delve into the 5 major hormonal systems: sex hormones, adrenal, thyroid, metabolic and neurotransmitters (mood hormones) and gain specific tools and practices to balance and nourish these systems.

Our next stretch of curriculum takes a macro lens and explores how to prioritize our time, energy and focus back to what is most important to us: our passion, priority, purpose and prosperity in order to align the larger parts of our life with what is most meaningful to us.

We go into the winter holiday stretch exploring ways to experience this time with more delight, peace and health as we navigate busier schedules, colder weather and higher stress.

Throughout the year we have monthly Soul Care reflections that give us space and permission to explore the inner workings of our lives and hearts.

Q | Are you a Christian?

A | I am a Christian and often get asked that question from women interested in taking my courses, so it is a welcome dialogue!

While my courses through WellGrounded Life are not faith based curricula, I do speak openly about my understanding of how an inner life is one in which we connect, listen and adjust our outer life to have harmony with our relationship to God.

I am aware, though, there are many women from many different faith backgrounds that take my courses.

While my courses are not evangelistic – I share honestly and transparently about my own faith and world views when it is relevant as a means to help the women in my courses understand how I come to my own decisions and understanding in my life.

Replenish 365 is for mamas who want to feel exquisitely supported throughout 2014 in order to nourish, restore and elevate their whole-person health.  This means you’ll learn how to get out of our own way, get to know yourself more deeply and learn how to restore an energized body, uplifted mood, clear mind and grounded spirit.

Beautiful Mama, I’m sending this full of gratitude that you are part of this community, hoping I get the chance to know you better in 2014 and praying that when nudges to seek out into new horizons open up in your heart you have the courage to say yes and experience the goodness of what’s ahead!

Much love always,

p.s.  Wanna get the link to learn more (or sign up) for Replenish 365 again? It’s right here!

p.p.s. Got a question that wasn’t answered? Reach out to me and my team at wglteam (at) wellgroundedlife (dot) com– we’d love to hear from you!