The One Guaranteed Way to Save Money This Christmas

With Halloween already upon us, I can feel the pace pick up of the winter holidays.

And I know that we are pounded with messages of discounts, savings and freebies this time of the year to draw us in and motivate us to buy buy buy!

But there is one guaranteed strategy that will actually save you money every time…and the marketers are betting that you won’t do it.


Yup, nothing overly sexy about it.  Good old preparation, forethought, and intention.

When you enter this holiday season prepared you will not only spend less money, you’ll enjoy your celebrations more deeply, feel healthier and more energized, experience more calm and peace, and connect more thoroughly with loved ones and the meaning of the season.

If this is the way you want to experience your winter holidays, but the past years have proved it easier to say than do…then my new program is something you should check out. 

Road Map to a Healthy, Happy, Meaningful Holiday Season is a program that walks you through a plan to stay healthy this winter, avoid gaining weight while still deeply enjoying and indulging in delicious food, and establish a pace and schedule that honors your personal priorities and values without feeling scattered, overwhelmed or stressed over the holidays.

But whether this is the program for you or not, consider taking time right now, before the frenzy of the season gets too strong and be intentional about how you want to experience this holiday season for yourself and for your family.

Plan specific ways to

  • keep your body healthy,
  • protect your mental health from complete stress overload,
  • establish strategies to keep from overeating and gaining weight,
  • get clear on your priorities and choose what you’ll do and what you won’t do based on them,
  • put into place tools to deeply enjoy this season from a place of peace and calm…including peace of mind when you don’t break the budget!

You’ll be so grateful you did, not only for the rewarding holidays you’ll share with your family and friends, but for the place you’ll be as you enter a new year!

In what ways are you preparing to have the holiday season that you most desire?


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