The “Headlight” Method for Achieving Healthy Change

Soon after beginning my health counseling work, I noticed that, for many women, setting goals and dreaming big (especially with health goals) was laced with feelings of inadequacy and doubt from past failures.

Every time that they pumped themselves up to reach a goal but didn’t succeed, a little part of them began to doubt their own ability to actual make positive changes.  The disappointments left them feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

It’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place.   We want to experience healthy, positive changes and set big goals and visions for our life, but feel afraid of repeating the same failed attempts and disappointment again, so we shrink down and temper our dreams.

In my experience, these three core issues need to be addressed in order for real success to happen when we set big, juicy, delicious goals for our life.

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