The fast track to prosperity…


We’ve talked about getting on the “God-dial” – the frequency of true prosperity. Today we are going to talk about the fastest way to turn the dial when you find your life feeling more static than clarity in this area.


I’ve heard it said the fastest way to world peace is through inner peace, which I believe is true. But I also know that one of the fastest ways to inner peace is to find out how you are meant to serve the world.

Remember we talked about the mark of God-level prosperity in our lives?  That our blessings flow out and exponentially bless others as well?

We’re going to tap into that and use service as our first “pre-set” button on the radio dial.

STEP 1 ::  Ask and Get Present

Ask God to use you so that God’s abundance flows through you to others.  Be open to what is right before you right now.

The small choices of service we sow in our lives under our feet become the gardens we are surrounded with in our lives.  A simple prayer can open wonders: Lord, use me today for Your purposes.  Use me as a channel of Your love.  Powerful stuff, I promise.

STEP 2 ::  Get Prepared to Receive

Equally powerful to serving others is including yourself as a recipient of your servant heart.  Consider the ways in which you can also serve yourself.  Self-serving, ugh!  It sounds so … selfish, right?  Here’s the truth: before you were a daughter, before you were a wife, or mother, or employee – or any other role you fill – you were a child a God.  You were a gift unto yourself.

True self-care is the ultimate act of self-stewardship – to be a good and worthy recipient of the gift of your own life.

From this place – where you are equally included in who you serve – seek ways to bring light to yourself and through yourself for others.  Ask God to help you get out of your own way, to clear the path so God can be in your life and working through your life.

This is a crucial distinction in understanding service.  So many of us have given until we were drained.  And from this dry and barren place we try to give — and called it service But that is not a rushing-over-in-abundance; it is a siphoning out from the bottom.

When our inner cups have cracks and leaks and are drained from the core, that is not service — it’s self-neglect.

Self-neglect can never serve in the God-sized ways we were designed to serve.

So step 2 is doing the necessary work to diligently patch the holes and mend the cracks.  This is critical if you want to feel the paradox of enjoying a deeply abundant life while being poured out in excess toward those you love.


The way I serve in the world … the way I serve my children and husband … the way I serve my family and friends …  the way I serve my great work and the mamas all over the world through this business … these ways are uniquely mine.  Your ways of joyful service will be different, but it is the same spirit of Love that flows through me, that flows through you, as you shine your light in your world.

If you missed Seeking prosperity? Keep to the light … {the first entry in this series}, take a minute to revisit.

Next, I’m diving right into the no-go zone and talking money, God and prosperity. I’m fairly certain it will push some of our buttons, but I’m hoping in a good way … we’ll see. 😉

Let me know in the comments … What is your experience with service?  Are you as comfortable serving YOURSELF as you are serving others?