The #1 Way Most Women Bring Toxicity Into Their Body

For most of us chronic stress (and our mismanagement of it) bring in more toxicity to our systems than any other way.

For some things, our brains work like a switch — when one state is turned on, the other state is automatically turned off.  When our stress response is turned on, our corresponding calm response is shut off — and vice versa.

But the good news is that when we switch ON our calm response, we automatically switch OFF our stress response.

Let me tell you a little secret.  You will be way more effective at switching ON your calm response, than trying to switch OFF your stress response.


Because when you focus on your stress — you end up getting more stress.  When you focus on calm…you get more calm.

And here is the connection to food.  Stress has a metabolism all of its own (this is a full class in itself…hmm maybe a series in the making?!?).

When we are stressed our bodies crave specific kinds of foods. When we are in a calm response, our bodies can assimilate and digest completely different kinds of foods.

The foods in a cleanse keep us solidly in a calm metabolism…and by adding in other calming and cleansing supports you reinforce and keep yourself in a composed and grounded state during your cleanse.

I devote a whole module in the Cleanse Your Life course detailing options which can be part into your cleanse (and daily life) in order to shift yourself from a stress response to a calm state instantly.

Here are 6 ways to soothe your nervous system and soothe frazzled nerves.  These are excellent to add into your cleansing plan.

1.  Essential Oils (especially lavender, citrus, chamomile, geranium or ylang ylang)
2.  Deep Breathing
3.  Massage
4.  Hot Towel Scrub
5.  Warm Oil Rubs
6.  Foot Massage and Soaks

What is your favorite way to calm down and relieve stress?

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