A Stellar Support Network and Personalized Mentorship

In the early stages of business-building, the work can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Having access to a responsive community and personalized attention to support you through your experience is incredibly valuable.

That’s why I’ve built community and mentorship as a cornerstone part of this training program – so you never feel alone and connection is never far away. You will be fully supported in this amazing group of women – guaranteed.

Access to the community: An ongoing Facebook group provides daily encouragement and allows the discussion to evolve within the community. Ask questions, learn from each other, connect, inspire and more.

Access to Lisa: Every month, there will be two live calls lead by yours truly where you can ask me anything, get help if you’re stuck, and stay on track.

By the time you’re finished with this program, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident stepping into a leadership role within women’s wellness.

What’s more, you’ll have a community of support and a library of materials at your fingertips to allow you to start this work immediately.

And a life full of meaningful and profitable work will be your new reality.

Built in, high-level mentorship and support to keep you thriving and moving forward the whole way.