I do have a couple questions to ask you…but first, I have something I’ve been needing to share for a long time now.

It happens to all of us.  We get boxed in.

Life starts to take on a template or a routine or “rules” about how things are…and without questioning it, we find ourselves just trying to stay inside the lines. 

It’s happened to me lately with my business.  I’ve been holding SO MUCH goodness back from sharing with you all because I had boxed myself in... we humans have the tendency to do that with all sorts of things: our life, our relationships, our God.

Why It Began

When I met my husband, I was swept away by the love of my life.  We had a whirlwind dating year, a 6 month blissed out engagement and wedding of our dreams.  Three months into our marriage we were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant with our first child- I headed into mamahood riding high with love and life and big dreams.

Then baby came and I was blindsided with the intensity of it.  My heart expanded so fast that the growing pains nearly knock me off my feet (and often did).  My own life got so completely turned upside down- I could hardly handle the paradox of all the intense feelings.  

I quickly began to feel insecure.  I felt lost and drained and directionless.  And I began WellGrounded Life from a heart surge of love and hope when I was smack dab in the midst of hard mama-times.

My First “Box”

When WellGrounded Life began my first focus was on healing the depletion, self-neglect and overwhelm so many moms find themselves in whether it is after 6 months or 6 years of mothering without learning how to calm, nourish and refill the well along the way.   

In many ways, as I was loving my own sweet mama-heart back to herself, back to life, back to fullness and health and well being…I kept passing on the tool and strategies that worked for me.  

And as WellGrounded Life grew, I was floored with gratitude at how many women became a part of this circle.  This community is beyond precious to me, it is like I sent out a smoke signal to the world and from every corner, the most loving, smart, fun, insightful, kind, generous, gentle and authentic women gathered – I truly truly love each one of you.

When Business Becomes Soulful

One of the utterly unexpected aspects of starting WellGrounded Life was how running a BUSINESS radically changed who I am, how I understand myself and how I see the world.  And the journey navigating the world of mamahood and business owner…oh goodness, I have so much to share about this. 

It’s beyond thrilling to me that you really REALLY can have a fully alive, integrated, family-first, soulful, prosperous and joyful life and business as a mom in the world.  No doubt it will look waaay different than anything you are used to seeing as “business” but I completely believe it is the way of the future. 

This new model is a path to integrate who we are, our deepest values, our greatest gifts of service, our whole hearts and the true priorities of our lives. 

It isn’t about sacrifice it’s about wide open choice that is SELF defined.  It’s about holding firm to what comes first in your life and then literally building your life {and business if that is a right part for you} around it.  It takes a whole lotta commitment, re-centering, courage and a firm commitment to huge amounts of laughter, love and getting up when you’ve fallen…but the pay off is beyond BEYOND what we could imagine.

OK I’m doing my best to keep this long love letter on point. 😉

Spreading My Wings

I need to let you know that there has been this whole beautiful, messy, life expanding side of my journey that I’ve kept from you. 

Thoughts, ideas, reflections, advice, mistakes made, successes celebrated…all around:

-identifying your purpose,

-finding your passion,

-deepening your spiritual relationship with God as you become more of service to the world,

-getting really comfortable with profit and prosperity,

-learning how to teach your gifts and build a thriving online community and business,

-prioritizing your family and marriage,

-claiming an extraordinary life,

-building a business that spreads goodness and value and love around the world-

…thoughts about these things fill stacks of my journals.

So what I want to share is that I’m going to spread my wings a bit through WellGrounded Life. 

I know we are all on different parts of the journey- but the journey isn’t compartmentalized.
  • I know some of you are ready to finally put yourself back on the front burner and learn ways to nourish and care for yourself so you can regain your vitality and wellbeing. 
  • Some of you are ready to find passion again in your life after feel lost and numb for too long.
  • Some will want to explore starting their own heart-centered business to bring financial blessing to their family and fill a need to contribute their gifts to the world. 
  • Others are ready for a hormone upgrade and alignment.
  • Still others are needing soul care in order to walk this wild and wonderful mama journey.  

My dream is that WellGrounded Life can meet you exactly where you are and offer the support you need most, wherever that is along the way. 

I’m planning to bring in all my journey and I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner– I could jump out of my skin I’m so thrilled about some of the new offerings and support I’m working on.   WellGrounded Life has always been my heart song belted out to the best of my ability in order to love, equip, inspire and support mothers all over the world.   

Your turn
So, right now, I have a favor to ask. 

I’d love to check in and get a good sense of where you are at and what you’d most love to see support and help around in your life.  Would you take a few minutes to answer a few questions for me?  Click here for the questions.  

And I would love to hear as well, how this applies to your life.  Where are you feeling boxed in (by your own doing) right now?  What “rules” about life are you living under without questioning them? Where could you rewrite a new dream or stretch your wings wider a bit?  Come over to the blog and please share with me in the comments.

With a heart swelling with so much love and excitement,


p.s.  I want to be sure I’m hitting on everything that you most would love support around, would you take 3 minutes and answer a couple questions for me, here?  Boatloads of gratitude and love for your amazing presence in this community!