There’s 5 days left to sign up for the deeply discounted 2013 Motherlode Package.

This is for mamas who want to feel exquisitely supported throughout 2013 in order to nourish, restore and elevate their whole-person health.  This means you’ll learn how to get out of our own way and learn how to restore an energized body, uplifted mood, clear mind and grounded spirit.

When you sign up by December 7, 2012 you not only get the lowest price I’ll ever offer for this bundle, but you also will be gifted a personal laser coaching session with me in the new year.

If you are considering this, there is something I thought would be useful for you to know.

For a few years now I have led each of my courses live every year.  I take a group through each module and have live Q+A sessions throughout the course for personal attention from me.

This will likely be the last year that I run each course personally throughout the year.

The thing about being a mama and teacher/biz owner is I’ve had to get used to the fact that I only have a certain bandwidth I can give my work if I’m going to feel extraordinarily good about what I offer.

I’ve been feeling pulled toward serving this community in different ways for a while now, not only to keep it fresh and passionate for me but also to allow the breadth of my work to evolve.

And while I can’t step into new territory without saying goodbye to old territory, I want to give this transition plenty of time and space to fully ripen.

My plan, then, is to take one last year and personally guide and mentor women through the kind of life-changing learning and growth that happens through my courses.   Then, in the background,  I can develop my new projects and allow them to be ready for the following year.

I know some of you have been a part of my community for a while and have wanted to be part of one of my courses.  I thought it is important to give you the head’s up that this is the year to do that!

You will still be able to join each of the individual courses throughout 2013 as I offer the group run of them- so today’s announcement about the Motherlode discount and bonus is specifically for those who want to take advantage of the full year with a significant savings.

Finally, I have been getting a couple of questions from women interested in the 2013 Motherlode Bundle- so I’ll answer them below in case you were wondering about these things too.

Beautiful Mama, I’m full of gratitude for each of you, hoping I get the chance to know you better in 2013 and praying that when new horizons open up in your heart you have the courage to leave old terrain behind to experience the goodness of what’s ahead!

Much love,

pssst:  Wanna read more about the 2013 Motherlode Package?  Click Here !

Some Questions Answered

Q | Lisa, I live in Ireland (or any other non-USA country) and was wondering if I can still participate.  Are you able to send me the materials?

A| Absolutely!  All of my courses are filled with mamas hailing from all over the world.  We are truly an international community here!  If you can get a package from, you can get a package from me.  In some cases there may be a nominal shipping charge – so feel free to touch in with us if you are wondering about that.  Most places worldwide, though, shipping is completely on me!

Q | Lisa, I was wondering about the open Q+A call times.  I’m in a different time zone and not sure I could make them. 

A | Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to meet with me for a live Q+A ten times.

The ability to get my eyes, ears, mind and heart on you and your specific needs, questions and challenges through these calls is a fantastic way to get personal support.  In fact, one of the huge benefits I see to enrolling now and getting the private coaching bonus is that we will have already established an intimate connection.  I’ll know your background and story and you can really use these open call times to their greatest advantage.

That being said, I also know that whether it is time zones or our toddlers nap schedule- sometimes you may not be able to make the calls live.  In this case you are always welcome to email in questions beforehand and I will field them on the call, so you can listen to a personal response from me.  Every call is recorded for all course participants.

The times for each call have not been established, though I do my best throughout the course of the year to alternate times so that as many moms can catch me live as possible.  Typically the calls can be scheduled for weekday afternoons, weekend mornings and occasionally weekend evenings.

Q | Lisa, I’ve already enrolled for one of your courses, can I get an additional discount?

A |  I realize that for many of you who have already taken one (or more) of my courses, you may be interested in a deeper discount.  Right now we are not able to create special bundles for past graduates.  I took that into consideration when I priced this current deep discount and for many past grads this bundle is still an exceptional deal with the added bonus of a personal coaching session from me.  I hope that if you are interested in working with me more extensively this bundle pricing will still feel financially attractive.

Q | Lisa, this feels like a lot of material- On average, how much time will this take for me to get the most out of it?

A |  You are right!  This is a lot of targeted, streamlined and practical info.  But you won’t find yourself with a massive library of information that just sits there gathering dust because I have done the work in organizing and translating it into actionable, easy to consume parts.  On the other hand, I have made my courses robust enough so that you can review and retake them many times and still get much out of them each time.

The guiding principle when you are part of my courses is to allow yourself to take what you can digest for that week, for that day.  All the material is always yours- you have lifetime access to it.  And even within one course there will be weeks you can dedicate more time and focus than other weeks.  That is absolutely ok, you won’t “fall behind” and can always pick up the next week as a fresh start.

In an ideal world, when a course is running you can spend anywhere from 1-2 hours consuming the info (via audio class, reading workbook materials or watching short videos) and feel deeply engaged and on target.  The additional time in your week should be spent applying and connecting in the community.

My courses are not asking you to “study” them like a typical college course, but rather to “live” them and be an active participant in your upleveled health and vitality. 

My aim is that you will love the “work” and it will become an open space in your life where you begin caring for yourself with more intentionality, joy and wonder every step of the way.

Again, I would love the chance to get to know you more deeply and support you more fully in the coming year.   If being part of this full year journey is something that keeps tugging at you…please learn more here.

Any questions, ever- reach out to me and my team at wglteam (at) wellgroundedlife (dot) com.

Much love always,