The Sneaky System to Kick an Unhealthy Habit


Recently a mom emailed me asking how she could kick her Diet Coke habit.

She knew it was an addiction that was doing her no good, and that an afternoon walk would be a much better choice to bolster her energy…but she just couldn’t make that healthy change.

Listen in to hear my advice to her…and not only for Diet Coke habits, but for many other unhealthy habits we have too.

Quick Points Summary

Have an unhealthy habit that you know would be better swapped for a healthier choice but can’t seem to make the trade?

Instead of restricting your unhealthy habit–combine it with a healthy one at first.

In this video I share about a mom who emailed me regarding her 3 pm diet coke addiction.  She said she knew a short walk at that time would give her way more true energy, but she couldn’t drop her Diet Coke.

So I encouraged her with a three step plan to baby step her way off Diet Coke— that started with combining a walk and her Diet Coke.  Seems simple, but so often we get stuck in an all or nothing rut and end up never making strides toward the life we really want to live.

Can’t give up that cup of joe, Diet Coke or after-dinner ice cream?  At first just combine it with something healthier- something that is filling the real need it is compensating for.

If coffee is filling a need for energy… for every cup of coffee you have, drink a tall glass of water with it… (or better yet, only have that cup of coffee with a healthy, robust breakfast!)

If that after-dinner treat is filling a need for reward and pampering… after dinner, take a nice long bath with soft music and have your scoop of ice cream in the tub.

Build up true foundations of health under your unhealthy habits and shedding them will be easy and smooth.

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And let me know in the comments what unhealthy habit you struggle with the most!