One question that brings massive clarity…


Juggling my car keys in one hand and coffee mug in the other

I slid into my chair just making it to my mastermind group on time.

It wasn’t 20 seconds after I took a seat that I heard,

“You’re up Lisa, we’re doing our check-in.”

How often do we prioritize a personal check-in before we barrel forward into a new meeting, project, exchange, task?

I took a deep breath and scanned my body and mind…what was my check-in right now?

  • I felt scattered, spread a bit thin. Emotionally tender.
  • My body felt the need to ground and lighten, both at the same time.
  • I was juggling a lot of “pieces” right now in my life, but didn’t have the “big picture” clear enough to anchor them all…which led me to feel underscores of anxiety much of the month.

As our group meeting continued on, I spent some time reflecting on my own check-in.

I hadn’t actually put those feelings into words the whole month, but once I got clear on where I was, the path forward seemed much clearer.

I want you to begin to consider the power of checking-in.

On a regular basis.

And in particular checking-in with yourself in a way that does not allow you to “explain” WHY you are feeling how you are feeling- but simply to name it.

I want you to consider asking yourself regularly-

“How am I doing?

Physically, how am I feeling?

Emotionally, how am I feeling?

Mentally, how am I feeling?

Spiritually, how am I feeling?

Relationally, how am I feeling?”

Begin to practice a language of describing your experience in the here and now as you navigate through life.

The simple act of describing what is happening for you in the present moment can bring floodgates of wisdom your way for the next right step you need to take in order to care for yourself, in order to move yourself forward in the direction of your greatest well-being.

Are you feeling frazzled, spinning, overwhelmed?


What is one thing you could do to relieve that– to regain clarity, calm and order again?

Every now and then I need to carve out time to focus on ways to cleanse, detox, clear out and usher in clarity, vision and focus again.

Perhaps, that’s what you need right now too?

Let me ask you a question:

When you are about to enter a pool– how do you get in?

Are you a dive head first into the deep end kinda gal?

Or are you a step into the shallow end and slowly work your way into the pool?

I’m a shallow-end, slow and steady type myself. I like to allow my feet and legs to get adjusted –splash my arms and chest a bit to get wet before I take the plunge and go under.

It’s the same for me when I shift seasons and want to reset and rejuvenate my healthy living goals.

I like to take a week or two beforehand to begin to process.

To bring in more of what serves me and build up momentum.

So let’s begin by asking ourselves, “How am I doing?”

Without justifying or shaming…simply check in and get clarity on your here and now.

Honor yourself enough to pay attention to yourself with kind, gentle, loving eyes.