Thanks for signing up for my Replenish Kit.

I created this virtual resource pack as a way to enhance and deepen the topics I share in my book, Replenish.

My hope is that you take a few moments every day to dedicate to yourself…to your own growth, your own care and your own well-being.

And I hope that some of the tools and strategies I share here will help you deepen the care you give yourself in those moments.

1. Full Tank Webinar

fulltankHow do we begin to carve our time in our very busy and very others-focused life to fill our own cups and tend to our own needs?

Click here to listen to the webinar.

2. 35 Questions for Reflection

discussionThese were designed for groups to read and discuss Replenish together…but they are equally good to reflect on personally as you journal and explore new ways of taking good care of yourself.

Click here to download the questions for reflection.

3. 7 Days to Calm

7DaysThis is a 7 Day video series that I deliver via email – one short video per day for a week. Each video is about 2 minutes long and demonstrates a new calming tool that you can begin to use immediately in your everyday life.

Because it is an email series, please sign up below to confirm you’d like me to send you the daily emails for a week.