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well-being, vitality & vibrant growth…

Want to join me?

Replenish 365



  • What if self care made your day-to-day life easier?
  • What if self care made your days go smoother, more productive?
  • What if self care helped you feel better about yourself as a mom? …Helped you be less snappy and irritable?
  • What if self care changed your marriage? What if you felt more desirable, more ready to be intimate, more sensual, more open for connection, shared more laughter?
  • What if self care made you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin?
  • What if self care helped you create more moments of warmth and connection with your kids?

What if self care wasn’t another thing to put on your plate…but a way to live your life?



In truth, that simple question has guided much of the work I do with mothers through my courses over the years.

How do we, as mothers living in the modern world, exactly and practically replenish so that we stay full rather than live on fumes most days?

I want to invite you to consider what it would feel like to live a year giving yourself not only the permission, but the support and the tools you need in order to change the pattern of self care in your life.

Introducing … Replenish 365


For years, I believed that self care was a “fluffy” word…not much substance to it…maybe even a bit too selfish for me.

I never imagined something like “self care” would be the answer I needed. That felt too soft, too self indulgent. I was raised to feel like when challenges come you have to bear down, sacrifice and do what it takes to get through it.

And I spent most of my early years mothers berating myself for not being able to get it together. Feeling so crummy about how I was handling life.

Feeling exhausted to the bone, overwhelmed and ready to lose my temper at every turn.

When I finally hit my own crossroads, I knew that I didn’t need fluffy platitudes about “loving myself more”...I wanted substance.

I wanted to understand how I was designed and how my body and mind worked, so I could begin to work with myself.

I was a smart woman.

I wanted to understand myself (all the parts of me) – from my soul-level parts down to my hormones and biochemistry…so I could begin to learn solid tools to help me feel calmer, experience more energy, have lighter, more uplifted moods.

When I began teaching classes to moms, I started diving deep into substance — solid, science-backed, smart ways to understand ourselves specifically in order to learn tools and strategies that truly worked in a busy mom’s life.

I’ve been teaching online classes for several years now and have worked with thousands of women around the world. I’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when women make “small” changes that literally change the trajectory of their lives.

In fact, I’m convinced the secret is in the size.


There’s robust research that backs the idea that consistent, smart and small shifts translates into bigger, longer-lasting positive change over the long run.

The only way to experience new healthy habits in your life is by creating small stepping stones toward new land.

One small step at a time…until this new way of living becomes second nature.

We’ve all had the experience of gearing up and trying to “stick with” the miracle program that promised a major life change but ….. it ultimately asked us to put our real life on hold and that’s just not an option in motherhood.

WellGrounded Life’s approach has always been to keep things simple, practical and flexible enough to work for Real World mamas.

I began to imagine … what if I took a group of women through a FULL year of work with me?

What if, instead of feeling depleted and empty before we gave ourselves just a little drop of replenishment, we started “topping off” regularly so that we drove around our lives with a mostly full tank?


What if we joined together with other like-minded and like-hearted women in a circle of grace and kindness and support — and had the time to really get to know each other?

What if there was no break in momentum, there was no pause or back-stepping, there was only forward movement, consistent support and encouragement every step of the way?


And the vision of Replenish 365 was born.

The experience of leading this process has exceeded every single one of my expectations in mind-blowing ways.

I invite you to join me for a year of deeply caring for yourself in every way and then witnessing that care ripple out to those you love.

Sometimes we know we want to be in a radically different place one year from now, but we have no idea where to start.

We want a Major Life Overhaul, but the truth is that we often have no idea how to do that because we can hardly eek out 2 minutes by ourselves in the bathroom right now.

Or if you’re in the season where you finally can get the bathroom to yourself again…maybe you aren’t quite sure how to change the patterns of overwhelm, rushing and exhaustion that have been established over time.

Wherever you are — if you have a desire to be experiencing your life with a deeper level of calm, confidence, clarity and connection one year from now — and know you need guided, direct, powerful support to get you there, I want you to be part of this program.

Are you still with me? Yes?
I’d like to invite you to explore Replenish 365.

What is Replenish 365?



Replenish 365 is a full-year, self-care, vitality and well-being program for moms who are ready for vibrant health in every area of their lives. It combines:

  • engaged, safe and heart-centered support,
  • soul-honoring, science-driven and strategy-focused learning,
  • forward momentum, real-life, lasting kind of change.

Throughout the year, you’ll experience three powerful components:

Lightbulb Learning

At the core of our work together will be our weekly lightbulb learning classes.

I call it “lightbulb” learning because they deliver major ah-ha moments of understanding…paired with practical, smart tools and strategies for change.

The truth is, I didn’t design this program so you could get a PhD. So much of formal learning asks us to study reams of information that isn’t relevant to what makes a true difference in our lives.

I envisioned classes designed in small chunks of time, where the material was streamlined and organized around important pieces of information and paired with tactical tools that you could apply immediately.

And that is exactly how I designed the Replenish 365 curriculum.

Each week the webinar classes are about 30 minutes and targeted to a specific area of deeper understanding about how we are designed as humans and, specifically, women. We will explore ourselves from physiological, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, psychological and neurological perspectives.

Each week we combine a deeper understanding with concrete ways to grow more skills, strategies and tools of well-being.

The material comes as audio classes, videos and downloadable materials so you can access the information in the ways that work best for you at your own pace.

Step by step I’ll walk you through creating and establishing a rock-solid self care practice in your life that allows you to live, love and mother from a place of calm, clarity, vitality and connection.




It’s not really self care, if it isn’t soul care as well.

A crucial part of this program is honoring the unique heart of a mom, creating a space to deeply discover the ways we grow from the inside out.

A place where we can process and reflect. Time to re-acquaint ourselves with where we are in life, who we are becoming and what we need on a “soul care” level that will allow us to feel fully and completely cared for.

Throughout the year, “Soul Care” videos are released with a specific inner growth theme and reflective questions that you can explore personally or together with the Replenish 365 community.



Stellar Support“Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Who You Are.” ~ Lisa’s Grandmother

I’ve woven community, mentorship and connection into the fabric of our year.

If you want to change on any level, in any way…one of the MOST effective ways is to begin connecting with others who are living the way you want to be living and spending more time with them.

I know from experience with thousands of women who’ve taken my courses that everyone has their own sweet spot in how they feel best supported.

Some like to be fully engaged in connection, others like to pop in once in a while, others like to observe from a distance, and still others want to be able to talk with me directly.



I’ve created two ways Replenish 365 participants can get the support they need.

1. Private Facebook group: This becomes our daily support outlet that is a way to check in, ask questions, receive encouragement and stay inspired all year long.

I’m very active in the group and this can often be a quick and effective source of ongoing mentorship.

*No one can see what you post within this private group except for other Replenish 365 participants. Participants of my courses are often surprised that these private groups are a highlight – it’s truly online community at its best!

2. Monthly Group LIVE Q+A Mentorship Calls: Once a month I’ll get on the line live and we’ll have the opportunity as a group to connect in real time.

You can ask a question, bring up a topic you’d like to explore more deeply or invite me to coach you on the spot through a barrier or difficulty you are having. For those who can’t join live, you’ll have the option to submit questions ahead of time and all calls will be recorded so you can listen at your own convenience.


Program Overview

Pillar 1: Calm Mind

We begin our year together getting right to the heart of our self care needs: a calm mind, sovereign thoughts and stress resiliency that work in our everyday lives.

We can’t remove all the stress of our lives, but we need to grow in skills that allow us to hold steady an inner place of composure if we are going to show up with our best selves — the selves we are most proud of.

We’ll build essential practices that turn on the calm even when our lives are feeling crazy and chaotic. When we learn how to control our own temperatures, we can become thermostats for our families… so the whole family begins to thrive.

Pillar 2: Nourished Body

Next we move into re-writing the way we use food and nourishment in our lives: this is a major game-changer, mamas.

This is not about adhering to a specific nutritional theory or diet.

This is about understanding how food functions in your body. And creating new patterns of nurture around how and when we use food to nourish and care for ourselves.

We’ll explore how to use foods to:

  • turn on the calm metabolism so you can feel grounded and balanced
  • satisfy our true cravings so you have peace and freedom with food
  • release unnecessary weight so you feel lighter and stronger
  • fuel our bodies and minds to experience more clarity and energy,
  • support our moods to feel happy and resilient,
  • build up a strong immune system so you feel healthy and vital
  • balance and nourish our hormonal systems to stay restored and whole

Women in Replenish 365 adhere to all different kinds of diets that personally work for them — from vegan, to Paleo, to meat-and-potatoes, to Weight Watchers.

What we learn together in this program is how food functions in our bodies and why we need certain kinds of nourishment for specific areas of wellness. And from this knowledge, women can adjust their diets within any nutritional theory they feel good about.

Pillar 3: Restorative Rest

As our wellness journey continues, we begin to understand our magnificent hormonal bodies more deeply in order to experience restorative rest on many levels.

We begin to combine elements of targeted nutrition, mind-body work, herbal supports, self examination and energetic work in the pillars of Restorative Rest and Joyful Movement.

This is one of my favorite parts of the year because we go into advanced techniques and master self-care in a whole new way so we can experience more energy and life becomes more joyful and satisfying.

Pillar 4: Joyful Movement

In our Joyful Movement part of the year, we begin to discover our innate need for movement, activity and growth in many areas of our lives.

This not only includes physical activity, but also an inner connection to the flow of creativity and personal growth...as well as the natural needs for cleansing and detoxification that our bodies and lives periodically require.

These tools of growth and movement come into our lives we feel fresh and open to more creativity, connection, and intimacy.

Pillar 5: Authentic Connection

Authentic connection always begins with ourselves. How to slow down the outside noise to hear our own soul’s song. To get comfortable with our own company again and feel deeply connected to our spirit’s needs.

Outwardly, we were designed to live in community, to connect to one another and experience the journey of motherhood together. And yet, we’re living more isolated and lonelier than ever before.

Seeking out life-giving, authentic relationships is crucial for our well-being on every level but many of us feel our friendships and intimate relationships are marked by distance and strain. In this pillar we explore how to reconnect to life-giving relationships on a more fulfilling and rewarding level.


Pillar 6: Aligned Living

At this point of our year, we are personally in a whole different place: our level of calm, vitality and confidence has skyrocketed and we take that momentum and begin to dream of where we want our lives to grow.

We’ll discover, together, how to put so many of the tools we’ve learned into practice during one of our most demanding, busy seasons of the year…the winter holidays.

Together we’ll carve out room for JOY to grow through reflection, assessment and planning for how you spend your precious time and energy. Purpose, passion, path of service, priorities and prosperity … we cover it all.

Replenish 365 Curriculum

Honest Value Comparison

Replenish 365 is my most robust, generous, and cost-effective offering that I’ve ever put together. Without conflating the value, here is what I’ve charged for similar offerings in the past:

Weekly Course Materials :: includes 32 weekly audio/webinar lessons, LifeWork materials, and accompanying videos {$1,600}

Stellar Support :: weekly support in a safe, active, engaged and private Facebook group where the community can connect directly with me and with each other; 10 LIVE coaching calls with me to answer personal questions and engage in conversation in real-time. {$1500}

Soul Care :: videos and guided reflection questions; moving through inner journey areas of transformative self-care {$395}

Replenish 365

Replenish 365 officially begins January 24, 2015!
  • 32 Weeks of Learning Classes and Videos (over 6 Pillars Core Curriculum) {Value = $1,600}
  • 10 Soul Care Circle – Monthly Videos from Lisa {Value = $395}
  • 10 Monthly Live Q+A Group Mentorship Calls {Value = $500}
  • Ongoing Facebook Private Group Support for the year {Value = $1000}
  • And as with all of my courses: Lifetime Access to all of these materials {including any future bonuses}

Total Value: $3495

$69/month (for 12 months)

Or pay in full: $699 (and save $129!)

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  • You will have the option to choose a payment plan that works for you during the enrollment process. 1-pay and 12-pay options are available via credit card or PayPal.


every day choices that will transform your being

Just for a moment, imagine I was able to give you the calm, clarity and vitality that you needed to go through your day fully equipped to show up as your best and brightest self?

How would that change the way you parent?

How would that change the way you work, create and serve?

How would that change the way you experience your relationships — with friends, your spouse, your children — your self?

I hear time & time again from mamas who are so grateful for their children, their partners, their home, their life and yet ….. and yet they’re just tired to the bone. There’s a sense that things are “good” but not great.

There’s a host of reasons that mamas end up tired and spent. There’s a host of reasons we find ourselves numbing out on Facebook or cheese doodles. Often it takes pushing ourselves to the brink {or to illness} before we pull back and care for ourselves … to remember that we are also growing, creative, passionate people that need to find a way to thrive in this life as well.

Come Walk With Me
Imagine saying YES to the year ahead where week after week you develop a deep, clear and comprehensive understanding of what wellness really means – physically, emotionally, and mentally – for YOU (not what someone else prescribes).

In one year, you will have more confidence and clarity around how you are uniquely wired from the inside out than decades of schooling has provided you.

When you begin to work with yourself and give yourself what you need to stay well and vital, massive change starts to happen.


When do we officially start?

Replenish 365 officially begins January 24th, 2015.

From there we begin our year’s journey together with material released weekly and the Facebook group active.

Enrollment will remain open until January 23rd at midnight Eastern. From that point forward doors close and we can gel as group and settle in for an incredible year together.

A recap is in order!

1 :: Soul Care Circle: Inner Growth Themes Throughout the year, you’ll receive a Soul Care video {short & sweet, powerful & encouraging} and LifeWork materials {optional worksheets that you can choose to complete to enhance your overall experience}.

2 :: Results-Driven Learning: Exploring 6 Pillars over 11 months I’ll guide you through our core curriculum step-by-step. All materials are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection {computer, tablet, smartphone} and you will have lifetime access which means exactly that — access for the rest of your life, including future group-runs & future bonus materials.

3 :: Stellar Support in Ways that Work for You

* Monthly Q&A Calls Each month (from February to November) I will host a live group coaching Q&A call. You can submit your specific questions live or via email and I’ll answer them on a recorded call that will be accessible to you when you’re ready to listen.

* Online Community You’ll have access to our private Replenish 365 Facebook group – an additional place to ask your questions and receive answers from me {and other participants!}. This is a sacred space for support, encouragement and accountability. Participants of my courses are often surprised that these private groups are a highlight – it’s truly online community at its best!

Replenish 365 begins January 24, 2015…Enroll Now!
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You should know who you’re joining hands with …

Who is Lisa?

LisaB w kidsHi, I’m Lisa Byrne. It has been my honor to be a trusted advisor to mothers worldwide for living a healthy, vibrant, energized life.

I’m the founder of WellGrounded Life, a global community of healthy, strong and vibrant moms. It’s truly my passion to serve and teach, mentor and lead moms through their journeys back to themselves and back to extraordinary well-being and vitality.

Before becoming a certified holistic health coach, I earned a degree in Biochemistry from Cal Poly State University with a minor in Nutrition and Metabolism and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University.

My background is rich in science and research, but … it wasn’t until I became a mother and was challenged like never before to maintain my own well-being that I began to earnestly translate all the very best information I learned about our biochemistry, hormonal bodies, metabolism and neuroscience into practical, concrete ways to keep myself calm, steady, energized and happy.Lisa

The experience of mothering challenged me to translate smart information into practical, concrete strategies that work in this lifestyle. I had to test those strategies to find what worked for me so I could build a robust plan for keeping myself healthy.

Once that shift started happening in my life, everything changed.

The way I look forward to my day, the patience I have with my kids, my ability to keep on top of a hectic schedule, my body feeling energized and lighter, the way I use food, how I feed my family … it all started to just become smoother, more enjoyable.

I have this big-hearted vision of a world where mothers are fully supported in every way they need to maintain their highest well-being while caring for their families in all the ways we do. Creating these circles of support and courses is my way of moving that vision forward.


You already have 2,487 choices to make every day. I don’t want to add to your overwhelm. Simply put …

Replenish 365 is right for you if:

1. You’re ready to take your health and overall well being to a whole new level.

If you’re ready to make vibrant, energized, joyful living a Way of Life, this program will meet you exactly where you are and support you in taking your next steps (or leaps) into what extraordinary health means uniquely for you.

2. You know the current course of your life is costing you more than a small monthly investment toward change.

Is it possible to add up the cost of stress and overwhelm that leads to fast-grab convenience foods, a short temper with your kids and partner, feeling depleted at the end of the day, jump-starting your next day with a quick caffeine fix and a general sense that you’re just getting through your life without really thriving?

Think over this last month. Have there been expenses from living a life less than what you desire? When we invest in where we want to be heading in life, life always pays us back in rich dividends.

3. Information + Willpower have not been enough.

You likely know a lot of good information about healthy living – so why has it been so hard to change???

What I offer that is unique is a streamlined, time-tested process that is abundant in resources designed specifically for busy moms.

The greatest compliment I hear again and again from participants is that course information is taught in a way that is accessible, is filled with “ah-ha’s” and is applicable to every day life. I infuse everything I teach and do with heaps of grace and love. You will feel it – even in this “virtual” space – I promise.


Replenish 365

Replenish 365 begins January 24, 2015!
  • 32 Weeks of Learning Classes and Videos (over 6 Pillars Core Curriculum) {Value = $1,600}
  • 10 Soul Care Circle – Monthly Videos from Lisa {Value = $395}
  • 10 Monthly Live Q+A Group Mentorship Calls {Value = $500}
  • Ongoing Facebook Private Group Support for the year {Value = $1000}
  • And as with all of my courses: Lifetime Access to all of these materials {including any future bonuses}

Total Value: $3495

$69/month (for 12 months)

Or pay in full: $699 (and save $129!)

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  • You will have the option to choose a payment plan that works for you during the enrollment process. 1-pay and 12-pay options are available via credit card or PayPal.

Why {for important reasons} I’m NOT offering a refund policy

I have always offered a full 100%, no-questions-asked refund policy on all of my courses. I do this because I know signing up for an online course can feel risky to some people – they may have no idea what they are going to get and want to be sure if it isn’t what’s promised, there is a way to get their investment back.

Since I believe so strongly in the quality and the transformative power of my courses, it’s a no-brainer for me to take all the risk and offer a full refund policy. Furthermore, I rarely get a request for a refund so it would seem as though I might choose to keep with my typical policy and retain the full refund option for this offering as well.

But this program feels different to me. My vision for this year is that each woman who circles with me comes in with the clear and confident intention to be IN for the full year together.

I’ll be taking a group of moms from around the world through a process of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-care and life-change that asks them to show up fully for themselves and for the group.

The only way the power of this program can come through for you and buoy you to much higher ground is if you are committed to being with us through all the ups and downs that will happen for all of us over the course of a year.

So after much thought, my decision to make this a no-refund enrollment is based on wanting everyone who joins to come to the program with every intention of getting the most out of this experience.

I’ll be showing up with 100% of myself for every one of you who signs up and when I receive your enrollment notification, I know that you plan to do the same for yourself too. If you have questions or need more information before making this commitment, please do email me — I want you to be confident that this investment is a right fit for you.


Will this be the year to replenish you?


Replenish 365 begins January 24, 2015…Enroll now!
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In their own words … What students say about Lisa’s classes

Kristin“The course is not informational, it is transformative. It is interactive, diverse, compelling, and most importantly, completely doable in the context of modern busy lives. The forums provided a great outlet for my weekly questions, concerns, successes and struggles. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed dialoguing with other women including hearing their reflections and experiences. Today I have more to offer as a woman, mother, partner, friend because of this course. Be prepared to be transformed!” -Kristin

Robin“I had a little bit of hesitation. After being in the class for a few weeks and realizing that the class did not take a LOT of time and then finding out later that we would have ‘lifetime access’ to the materials let me relax even more. Lisa brings an amazing sense of calm and peace to what she teaches. It felt very guided and led, not strict or regimented. Taking the class is the best thing I did for myself this year.” -Robin

“I love the freedom and flexibility of an online format. I think it works especially well for the audience of this course which are busy, stressed out mamas. The suggestions Lisa makes are followed up with nice videos that show you just how quick and simple some effective changes can be.” Kasie

“I found the teleclasses extremely interesting and delivered in such a friendly manner that I felt immediately comfortable listening in. I felt the information truly significant for my life and the fact that you sound so nice and genuinely interested in who’s listening made it very easy to grasp the concepts you talked about. You provide valuable information about our body/mind/emotions connections in a way that is easy to understand and without making anyone feel judged for our past choices.“ Rita

“It was very informative in a way that allowed me to have better control over how I was experiencing life. I loved your videos. I could see that the videos were well thought out and planned. I took concrete steps towards making changes in my life that if I follow up on will help me live a happier, healthier life…a fresh perspective on how you can feel better with a bit of self awareness and the right information and tools.” Diane

I liked that it was practical and hands-on but also felt very manageable in terms of something I could fit into my lifestyle. Just taking the course forced me to carve out time for myself. In addition, Lisa really presented the material in a positive and reassuring manner. I enjoyed listening to her and found myself implementing the steps she suggested without a lot of resistance.” Christi

You provide so much appropriate, accessible information that women can start implementing right away. I like how you suggested a lot of varied tools…and you’re so personable and friendly, your information feels really trustworthy, like a good friend is sharing ideas with me.” Sarah

“For me the best part of the course was the extent and the presentation of the content. I think it’s much easier to accept things when there is a good explanation behind it. I’m more aware of how the food I’m eating is affecting the way I feel and act. I was very impressed by the professional presentation of the course and the amount of information given. Plus, the fact that it’s online means that you can go at your own pace. I did it with a brand new baby. This is the real thing. If you put Lisa’s material to work for you, you can really make some big and important changes in your life.“ Cara

I have suffered from chronic stress my entire life. I had a traumatic early childhood so I am coming to realize that the stress response got shifted on very early for me and became standard operating procedure. I have always felt kind of incompetent that I haven’t been able to “get control” of it in my life, try as I have for many, many years. This course has literally been life changing for me. I just thought I was kind of a weak person emotionally. I didn’t understand that I was dealing with basic physiology that was stacking the deck against me. Seriously life-changing! -Molly

“I just loved not only the quality and quantity of information but also, and perhaps most importantly, the way in which it was delivered. A completely guilt free, non-judgmental and non-restrictive approach to teaching others about wellness. Even though its an online format and participants are spread out all over the world there is still a great deal of individual support. The breadth of what you “get”… webinars, forums (and the fact that you reply to each post is great), recipes, links, resources, etc. was incredible.” -Amanda





Replenish 365

Replenish 365 officially begins January 24, 2014…Join us now!
  • 32 Weeks of Learning Classes and Videos (over 6 Pillars Core Curriculum) {Value = $1,600}
  • 10 Soul Care Circle – Monthly Videos from Lisa {Value = $395}
  • 10 Monthly Live Q+A Group Mentorship Calls {Value = $500}
  • Ongoing Facebook Private Group Support for the year {Value = $1000}
  • And as with all of my courses: Lifetime Access to all of these materials {including any future bonuses}

Total Value: $3495

12 payments of $69/month

Or pay in full: $699 (and save $129!)

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  • You will have the option to choose a payment plan that works for you during the enrollment process. 1-pay and 12-pay options are available via credit card or PayPal.
Replenish 365 begins January 24… Registration ends January 23!