You’ve got Questions, I’ve got Answers

You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

I’ve received so many thoughtful and smart questions from women who are considering enrolling in Replenish 365- I wanted to pass them on to you.

One thing I know from years of teaching- if one person asks the questions, there are always many more who were wondering the same thing!

So without further adieu, click here for the Replenish 365 Information Session Replay if you’d like to listen in and hear my answers to all the (insightful and smart) questions I’ve been asked.

We begin our 2015 journey of Replenish 365  on Saturday, January 24.

I’m already in absolute awe of the circle that has formed.

Over 150 women (new and returning from last year) from all over the world are gathering for this incredible, life-changing journey together.

In addition to the Information Session Replay…here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and their answers).

Q| Lisa, Could you give me a bit more detail when it comes to the curriculum topics we’ll be covering for the year?

A| Great question! This is the ONE question, I am going to refer you to the replay for…because I go into much DETAIL to answer it and it would give you a fuller answer to listen to my reply…it’s the first question I answer so it’s right at the beginning of the recording.  Click here for that recording.

Q | Lisa, I live in Germany (or any other non-USA country) with a different time-zone and was wondering if I can still participate?

A| Absolutely! Replenish 365 is filled with mamas hailing from all over the world. We are truly an international community here! Every part of the program is ready for you whenever you are…all the videos and audios are recorded, all materials are in pdf format.

The only part of the program that is time-dependent are the monthly group Q+A calls.

Most months these calls will be 9:30am EST, some months they will be 8:30pm EST. Hopefully this will give those in different time zones a chance to jump on live. For every month, though, if you have a question you can always email it to me and I’ll answer it on the call. Every group call is recorded and you can listen when you are able.

Q | Lisa, this sounds like a lot of materials! On average, how much time will this take for me to get the most out of it?

A | You are right! Replenish 365 is packed with targeted, streamlined and practical info. But you won’t find yourself with a massive library of information that just sits there gathering dust because I have done the work in organizing and translating it into actionable, easy to consume parts.

Generally the teaching modules will have an audio class component that is on average around 30 minutes.

Some weeks there will be an accompanying short video (in the 10 minute range.)

There will also be streamlined lifework materials (in pdf format which you can print out) that help guide you to make the work more relevant in your life.

Going through all of these materials could be between 45-60 min per week on average. 

Not every week is exactly the same, but this is a general sense.

That being said, all the material for the whole year is designed with a busy mom in mind. There will be weeks when you have more time to invest than others–we totally get that and built it into the design.

You can access all the material at any time (and for a lifetime!)

Women who take my courses revisit the material over many times because they can dive in to the work in different ways as the seasons of their life change and allow.

Q | I feel a little odd asking this, but am I too old for this group? My children are grown and I wonder if this is primarily for women with young children?

A | I would be thrilled to have you as part of this program and want you to know that you will find yourself in a beautifully diverse group of moms!

While the majority of the women who take my courses are moms to school-aged children there are a handful of women who are moms to adult children and who are grandmothers themselves!

Our range is from newborn to adult children. 

There will also be a range of us hormonally, as well, from child-bearing to peri-menopausal and menopausal. I find it a great blessing that the WellGrounded Life community draws such diversity as it always blesses the group to have the wisdom of many perspectives along the journey.

Finally, the women who take Replenish 365 are varied in other ways too. Some are stay-at-home full time, other work part-time, others work full-time, some work from home, others work out of the home, others are homeschooling mamas, others are entrepenuers, some are single moms, some are divorced.

If you are a woman who desires to feel deeper well-being and more vitality this is for you….and you’ll find you can connect and relate to women in all sorts of different life seasons and scenarios on this common ground, too.
Q | I’m concerned about the Facebook group – I don’t “do” facebook, will I still feel connected?

A | While not the majority, there are always a percentage of women who choose not to join the FB group in all of my courses. There is never anything that we include in the FB group (course material wise) that you will not receive via your course pages access and weekly emails, so in terms of missing out on material that is not an issue at all.

In terms of the community, we’ve built in two ways to connect and gain community support: (1) Monthly group Q+A calls live with me and (2) the Facebook group.

If you would feel well supported through the materials and the live calls, FB may not be necessary for you at all. That being said, the FB group is very active and I love being present on it, so it may be something you’re interested in exploring, but if not, that is totally fine too.

Q | Are you a Christian?
A | I am a Christian and often get asked that question from women interested in taking my courses, so it is a welcome dialogue!
While my courses through WellGrounded Life are not faith-based curricula, I do speak openly about my understanding of how an inner life is one in which we connect, listen and adjust our outer life to have harmony with our relationship to God.

I am aware, though, there are many women from many different faith backgrounds that take my courses.

While my courses are not evangelistic – I share honestly and transparently about my own world views when it is relevant and I welcome others to share their personal experiences as it is relevant to the material we are studying as well.

Q| Lisa, I’m familiar with some of what you cover in this program, is this right for me?

A| Every woman who joins my classes has their own range of previous wellness experience and knowledge so some material you will be more familiar with, other material will be newer.

What I have found is that regardless of the actual information you may/may not know on the onset of the week, the journey of giving attention and focus to the full range of supports and tools throughout the program is what is most effective.

All of us have areas of knowledge (and even areas of active practice) that can benefit from renewed attention and focus. From there we can go the next step for ourselves- whether that is just beginning to bring it into our lives or deepening the practice.

Q| What is the difference between Replenish 365 and the the WellGrounded Life Certification Program?

A| Right now I offer two main programs, Replenish 365 and the WellGrounded Life Certification Program which trains women to become Certified Women’s Wellness Educators.

The Certification program uses Replenish 365’s material as the basic curriculum of study (which is the 6-Pillar Self Care methodology I’ve developed), along with advanced wellness training, educator training and business building training. The purpose of the Certification program is to prepare women to do this work themselves, teaching and supporting other women and mothers in their community while earning an income and buiding their own businesses.

Replenish 365 is my direct offering to moms for a personal journey of deepening their own self care and well-being in their life. Many of the women in my Certification class are from last year’s Replenish 365 class, so taking Replenish 365 is a great way to get exposed to the depth of material I have to offer and to experience it’s impact in your life first.


That was a lot of Q’a and A’s, yes?!

I hope it is has been helpful as you decide if you’ll join me this year to read through these answers.

In a nutshell, Replenish 365 is for mamas who want to feel exquisitely supported throughout 2015 in order to nourish, restore and elevate their whole-person health.

This means you’ll learn how to get out of our own way, get to know yourself more deeply and learn how to restore an energized body, uplifted mood, clear mind and grounded spirit.

I hope I get the chance to know you better in 2015.

Much love always,



p.s. Here’s the link to learn more (or sign up) for Replenish 365! I’ll be sending out our Welcome emails soon so the group can begin to connect and get ready for our January 24 start together.