No-Cost Tele-Workshop on How to Create Your Personalized Cleanse and Detox Plan


My ebook, The Real Food Cleansing Guide has just been updated and the 3rd Edition is now published.

If you’ve purchased the book already, you should have received the updated version by now (once you purchase something from me– all future editions are yours free).

The 2nd Edition added a chapter on catering your cleanse to each season with tips on which organs and systems need most attention throughout the year and which foods, teas and herbal supports are perfect for nourishing them.

Now, in it’s 3rd edition I’ve added 20 additional great tasting and simple recipe ideas so that you are stocked with nutrient dense meals to develop your perfect plan for a cleanse.

But the curious thing is that right before I published the new edition, I started seeing a rise in sales.   

But it actually makes perfect sense to me.

Summer is a fantastic time to cleanse. Many of us will want to get back on track after indulging in a season of backyard BBQs, while taking advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies in harvest right now.

So I’ve decided to teach a tele-workshop where I’ll explain the process of choosing the perfect cleanse for you and how to design a specific cleansing plan that fits your goals, your lifestyle and the season you are in.

And, it’s free to attend!

Here are the details:

How to Create Your Personal Cleanse and Detox Plan

Tuesday September 7, 2010

8:00 pm EST

Web or Phone based workshop (dial in number and website will be given upon registration)

Register Here!

In this 30 minute workshop, you will:

* identify your cleansing goals

* choose the perfect cleanse for you right now

* review the essential components of a complete detox plan

* learn how to prepare effectively for a successful cleanse

* explore what to expect during and after the cleanse

The workshop will be recorded so if you can not make it live, you will have access to the recording immediately afterward for you to listen at your convenience.

Whether you can make the call live or will be listening to the recording, be sure to register for all the details!

**You do not need to have purchased The Real Food Cleansing Guide to benefit from this workshop– if you have my guide, you’ll have all the resources you need to complete your cleanse plan– if you don’t have my guide you can take the framework you’ve created in the workshop and seek out your own resources to complete the food and wellness details of the plan.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s what you do:

1.  Register Here

2.  Pass it along to friends (it’s free y’all!) I’d love for you to twitter, facebook or email this post and share the opportunity.

3.  Mark the date on your calendar for a great tele-workshop and get ready for a healthy, gentle, real-food cleanse to end your summer!



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