6 Qualities of the New Paradigm Leadership

I don’t believe there is a faster growing sub-population picking up the reigns of modern leadership and mentorship like mothers across the globe.

And, mamas, WE are the ones defining and leading the way.

During  a class I was teaching earlier this year, one of the mothers, Rainya, was sharing a bit about her experience in my courses with some of the new women on board. 

This is what she had to say.

The growth, clarity, and change for the better that I am experiencing in the WellGrounded course environments would take YEARS to do on my own.  Lisa is an amazing coach and guide.

She is learning right along with us, too, which is a truly special gift that she gives us. We are growing together.

She is the flashlight at the head of the pack, but never once does she come across as having all the answers or being less than grateful when we (as a group) step up to offer advice or offer a shoulder to laugh or cry on. -Rainya

As I reflected on her comment, it seemed to me that Rainya identified many of the critical qualities in effective and powerful “new paradigm” leadership.

These are the qualities essential in the people who are ready to lead us forward into the next stage of our collective growth…and to pass onto our children the capacity to serve the world in a whole new way. 

6 Qualities of the “New Paradigm” Leadership

1.  Leaders illuminate what you can not see yourself, but what has been within you or around you the whole time.

2.  Leaders engage change within you to bring out your best.  Excellent leaders help others shine.

3.  Leaders clarify where you are and where you want to go.

4.  Leaders equip you in every way to close the gap between the two.

5.  Leaders reflect back to you your best when you have forgotten or are facing a setback.

6.  Leaders cultivate and empower you to be an agent of leadership as well.

True leaders are no longer separate from those they are leading but are intimately connected and singularly focused on the well being and growth of those they are serving.

A microcosm of this larger vision is the family unit itself.  As I’ve reflected on these qualities, it has occurred to me that when I embody this kind of leadership within my mothering role, I’m most proud of myself and most confident that I’m being the mother my children most need.

When have you experienced yourself stepping into this kind of leadership?  Is this a vision you see for mothering as well?

 Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!  {And, if you think there may be a mother in your community who would enjoy this, please share!}


5 responses to “6 Qualities of the New Paradigm Leadership”

  1. Good leaders listen in order to accomplish the 6 qualities you list. Lisa that is wonderful that so many women shared their heart in your survey. What a great way for you to listen to your readers and now how best to lead. Looking forward to hearing what you have cooking up!

    1. Love that, Erin…so true- listening is such an essential skill to step into true leadership 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Agreed – all of these qualities are what make excellent leaders & mothers. Mamas are great leaders (with many of these qualities) because we understand the power of being a servant leader: developing and fostering the gifts of others which is so similar to parenting. Great post~

    1. So true, Ellen- Mamahood is a great grounds for leader training 😉

  3. Robert Stott Avatar
    Robert Stott

    Dear Lisa:

    I am not a mother: but a I am a Great Grandfather and your words are words that should be heeded by individuals and and Nations and Multi Nationals and – and – and.

    We and they all have to keep recalling that love is all there is and compassion is it’s soul mate!

    Lots of Love to you and all your readers and I wish them well on their journey: personal and professional for in the case of the latter: they are inseperable in an increasingly complex and connected world.

    Thank you:


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