New Eyes: Jan 1

I work with moms all over the world who come to me feeling tired, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut.

One thing I know for absolutely sure is this:

We aren’t exhausted and spent because we are selfish people.

Most of us end up walking around feeling haggard — because we’re so devoted to our families, because we care so much, because we want to give them our all.

But that’s the irony of it all, isn’t it?

In the end, our families – our spouses and kids- aren’t actually getting what we most want to give them.

Our marriages start to feel worn out, strained, disconnected.

Our relationship with our kids feels wrought with snappiness, short tempers and rushing.

Our schedules feel exhausting— we feel stuck in a “hamster-wheel” kind of life.

At least that is how I experienced it.

At some point along the way, I had to be honest with myself that what I was doing wasn’t working…not for me…and not for my family either.

Sure I was “getting things done” but when I look back on these years I want to know I gave my family so much more than that.

I want them to know me- the bright, light, energized, happy, full of life me.

For a long while, that me wasn’t showing up much at all.


What’s really going on here? Why are so many of us caught in this Catch-22?

What’s the missing piece of the puzzle?

I want to share a little secret with you.

We don’t understand the power of vital, life-giving, true self care.

I’m not talking about a magazine sound bite or another list of the “Top 10 Foods for Glowing Skin” … I’m talking about discovering and learning how you were designed from the inside out.

True, life-giving self care is always about shifting back into the flow of working WITH yourself instead of against yourself.

Whether that is about establishing a calm mind, a nourished body, more vitality, greater clarity, deeper self-connection or greater passion and vision for your future…true, vital self care always shifts you back onto your own team.

Because whenever you experience anything life-draining at all…

(like exhaustion, overwhelm, frazzled thinking, frumpy body, flatness of mood, disconnection to yourself or others, irritability, short temper, frustration, sluggishness, self doubt or unworthiness)

…it points to the fact that you’re (in some way) working against yourself. You’re fighting yourself. The flow is gone, there is friction and pain.

We blame it on how busy our lives are…but I know plenty of women who have very full lives and are still living them out with a vitality and joy I knew I wanted.

  • What if self care made your day-to-day life easier?


  • What if self care made your days go smoother, more productive?


  • What if self care changed how you experienced your marriage? What if you felt more desirable, more ready to be intimate, more sensual, more open for connection, shared more laughter?


  • What if self care made you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin?


  • What if self care helped you feel better about yourself as a mom? …Helped you be less snappy and irritable?


  • What if self care helped you create more moments of warmth and connection with your kids?

What if self care wasn’t another THING to put on your plate…but a WAY to help your life start to work for you again?

Over the years, as I learned more and more about how I was designed and what tools of wellness really worked in a mom’s life…I kept sharing it with others.

I figured if I was drowning, maybe some other moms felt that way too- and maybe we could grab each others hands and help each other up.

As it turned out when I reached out my hand….thousands of other hands reached back for mine.

And for over 5 years now moms all over the world have gathered through the WellGrounded Life community to help themselves shift out of the overwhelm patterns and into life-giving patterns where true self care is firmly entrenched in their lives and their whole families are reaping the benefits of a healthy, vital mom.

I would love to share some of the most powerful things I teach as my gift to you as we enter this new year together.

Here’s what we’ll explore::

  • How to make the shift from running on empty to consistently “topping” off at full… so the whole family thrives.
  • The 4 success strategies necessary for true, sustainable change… these allow you to meet and exceed any goal you set for yourself so life can feel joyful and satisfying again.
  • Stop Drowning: 6 things exceptionally happy moms make time for that makes you feel more beautiful, healthy and attractive.
  • How to keep moving steadily forward…so you don’t backslide or fizzle out before you get to experience real change.

Let’s begin right now- this webinar is ready to watch immediately! Sign up below and I’ll send you instant access.