My Personal Detox Plan

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I really love the Winter holidays, they make the first part of winter so enjoyable– wrapped in warm memories, great food, time spent with family and friends.

But if I’m not careful, the abundance of sugary sweets that seem to adorn every get together begin to infiltrate my days. I’ve already noticed myself eating an inordinate amount of candy since we’ve had it in the house for Halloween.  And there is nothing measured or balanced about eating 15 mini-milky ways in under an hour.  In fact it leaves me craving more sugar, feeling scattered, losing patience with those around me, and unmotivated to eat well.

I don’t believe in food restriction, it’s not how we’re motivate to nourish ourselves well. But at times when the junk food seems to be taking over; setting up a short, gentle food-based cleanse has always given me the jump start I needed to regain healthy eating and balance again.

I’ve found it cuts the sugar addiction off mid-stream and resets my cravings. Sure, I’ll indulge here and there again- especially in the upcoming holiday season, but when I weave in 1-3 day healthy food cleanses, I’m much more likely to eat well the majority of the time, which keeps my moods positive, my mind clear and my body feeling energized.

I used my Real Food Cleansing Guide to craft a cleanse that works for me right now.

Here are some of my own personal notes on the cleanse I’ll be doing early next week.

  • Since I’m pregnant, I’ll be sure to include healthy sources of protein and fats everyday- in addition to whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  I’m not interested in restricting any macronutrient even for a short time right now.
  • It’s Fall, so I’ll not only emphasis Fall harvest foods, but also will choose warm, moist ways of preparing my meals.
  • I plan to do this for 3 days, leaving one day before and one day after as transition days to ease in and out of the cleanse.
  • I already have a massage scheduled for the end of next week.  I’ve also chosen a stretch of days when I don’t have a lot of commitments.
  • I will make all the soups this weekend so that preparing food is not an issue as I go along.

My Personal Cleansing Plan

Begin: Tues, Nov 10

End: Thurs, Nov 12

Transition: Mon/Fri, Nov 9, 13

All 3 days I’ll eat mostly the same things, so I’ll detail out a sample day:

Upon Waking: Hot water with lemon

{Set up a carafe of hot water to use for tea throughout the day}

Teas to drink as desired:

Rasberry Leaf

Pregnancy Tea

Lemon Ginger

Breakfast:  Cut fruit bowl: Banana, apple, blueberries, raspberries.  Handful of mixed nuts and seeds: Almonds, Walnuts and Cashews

Mid-morning snack: Toasted sprouted grain bread with Avocado Spread* and Roasted Veggies*

Lunch:  Very Green, Red Lentil Soup*

Afternoon Snack: Cut veggies and hummus

Dinner: Cabbage Potato Soup*

Snacks throughout the day as hunger indicates: Cut veggies and hummus, Toasted sprouted grain bread with avocado spread*, Berries, Warm Vegetable Soup with Barley*, Roasted Vegetables*

*Recipes found in Cleansing Ebook

Nothing strict or harsh.  A simple meal plan that emphasizes fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, healthy fats and light protein.  In fact, wouldn’t this be a lovely meal plan any day, cleanse or not?!

That’s the great thing about learning how foods naturally cleanse and detox us– we can employ these properties and set up short, intentional, effective (and delicious) cleanses throughout the year when we need to rid ourselves of toxins, when we’ve over-indulged in junk food, or need to jump start our way back onto a healthy eating track.

Have you ever tried a food-based cleanse?  What was your experience? If you’re new to this, check out my Cleansing EBook, it takes you step by step through setting up a cleanse that is just-right for you.


3 responses to “My Personal Detox Plan”

  1. What a great idea…using natural foods to cleanse. I’ve been researching cleansing for about a week now and most takes on it are very harsh to the body. Then you have those store bought cleanses that claim to be natural, but you can’t be certain of what’s in those either. This was an interesting article…I’d be interested to read about your experience once you’re done with the cleanse. And I may very well check out your e-book!
    Blessings to you!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  2. Hi Kelli, I’ll be sure to give a recap next week! Isn’t it true that we sometimes go right to harsher or more complicated ways of doing things, when there are often simple effective solutions right in front of us?!!

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