Every woman needs to find ways to keep her cup full.

Introducing Mugs for Mamas…

Mugs for Mamas is a loving-it-forward project that helps moms remember to take time daily to care for their own well-being…while sending love to another mom who could use some care in her life right now as well.

The Mugs for Mamas sale is now over!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a mug and made it possible to bring hundreds of gift packages to moms in need!!

The Backstory…

WellGrounded Life’s mission is to equip moms to take extraordinary care of themselves and to be part of a community where they feel loved and cared for by other moms as well.

But the whole “taking care of ourselves” while taking care of so many others day in and day out isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So we circle together from all over the globe to learn together, share together, grow together and recreate a new culture of vitality in our homes and lives.

And it got me thinking about the global sisterhood of mothers we all belong.

In particular the most vulnerable of us in this mama-hood village. 

How are we making sure those of us who are struggling the most are getting the care we need?

How are we paying attention to our sisters dealing with incredibly challenging life situations and letting them know they are seen and cared for, too?

These questions led me to create Mugs for Mamas.

 How it works…

It’s a simple one for you = one for another sale!

You buy a Replenish mug for yourself (or you can buy one for a mom you know- they are WONDERFUL Mother’s Day gifts).

I send you YOUR mug in the mail. And the proceeds of your purchase go toward a mug gift package for a mom in need that I prepare and deliver to moms in NICUs, Children’s Hospitals and Special Needs groups. 

*After you purchase your mug you will be asked to enter the mailing address of your purchased mug- which can be YOUR mailing address or another gift recipient’s mailing address- that’s up to you!  As long as the mailing address is based in the U.S. we’ll ship it there!


Our Small but Mighty Team

Here’s some more pics of the small but mighty team of moms who helped me for many hours packaging and sending the mugs and preparing the gift packages for delivery! packingday

 The WellGrounded Mamas

Here are some of the beautiful smiles of women who donated to the Mugs for Mamas project by purchasing a mug and contributing to a donated gift package to go out! MamaMugs

 Delivering Our Gifts of Love

better mugFor our first Mugs for Mamas’ Sale, we partnered with The Valerie Fund and the NY Presbyterian Hospital NICU to get our gift packages to moms who could use a little care right now.

The Valerie Fund serves thousands of families of children with cancer and blood disorders and the NY Presbyterian NICU cares for hundreds of infants weekly.

And for every little one that is being cared for there is a mom by his/her side…and this project is helping her feel seen and cared for as well! Delivery

Are you New Here?

If you are new to WellGrounded Life- I want to welcome you here! We are a worldwide community of moms supporting each other to live into our best lives- those crazy, messy, beautiful lives that ask us to learn how to care for ourselves while we are also caring for so many others!

I’d love to invite you to learn more about what we do around here and what we offer.

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