Move Your Body, Calm Your Mind


Here in New Jersey, we’re hitting the steamy hot days of August, trying to stay cool and enjoying the last stretch of relaxed schedules before school starts.

We just got back from our family vacation at the Jersey shore, and this year, Maddie and Brian took to the waves with their first surfing lessons! It was a blast to see them so fearless and having fun.

In fact, this whole vacation was a major reminder for me of how essential it is to keep my body active and moving…not only for my physical well-being but, maybe even more importantly, for my mental and emotional well-being.

The truth is, when we move our bodies, it gives our minds a chance to relax and recalibrate.

Have you found that to be true in your own life?

So much of our mental stress comes from a life that overstimulates us into hyper-thinking all the time.

Summer is a season that naturally calls us to shift from a mentally-dominated state to a physically-active state. And if we answer that call, we give our minds the necessary open space to renew and relax.

Earlier this summer I decided to unplug from my personal FB account. As an unintended side-effect of less time on the screen, I’ve spent more time being active. Just moving my body. Taking more walks. Playing with the kids. Swimming in the ocean and pool. Stretching on the floor. Bike riding and hula-hooping.

I wanted to share with you a little snippet from a video that is part of my Replenish 365 year-long program that demonstrates some mind-body exercises that are fantastic to do, especially when you are feeling the impact of a wound-up mental or emotional state.

Remember: when you use your body to help process stress and big emotions, you are cleansing on a whole-person level. And the impact is profound.

I hope you enjoy the exercises…and let me know in the comment section how you felt after trying them out!

Lisa Grace Byrne