In this recent Prosperity Series, I’ve been exploring what true, whole-life prosperity means.  People often use the word “prosperity” in a way that is synonymous with “financial prosperity” which I believe only confuses the issue.

Prosperity is actually an experience of being — an experience of living out the abundant goodness that life has to offer.

Money is one of the tools that can usher in certain prosperities.  It is one tool among many tools. But one of the biggest problems we have with the whole money thing is that it can easily be elevated to a type of prosperity rather than staying in the place of a tool.

It is right and good for you to desire to increase prosperity in your life.  It is also right and good for you to desire to bring in the tools necessary for that Bigger Picture prosperity to come into your life.

True prosperity doesn’t have the capacity to work against you.  Tools have the capacity to work against you.  One of my favorite lines by singer/songwriter, Ani DiFranco is “Every tool is a weapon, if you hold it right.”


Tools need to be used correctly — they need to be sharpened and sometimes you need to learn skills in order to use tools correctly and responsibly.

Money is also a life currency which is the same as saying it is a tool that can be used in exchange for more prosperity in your life.

Literally having a storeroom of dollar bills sitting in a vault will not automatically bring you deep and abiding prosperity.  It is how you use that money that will make a difference in your life.  It is how you experience life that dictates how prosperous you feel and indeed are.

I believe that the abundant God of the universe, wants abundant life in all ways for His children.   My conviction is that our role is to take seriously our capacity to be excellent stewards of the tools we have been given- including money.  That means gaining an understanding and creating proper disciplines around receiving, spending, saving and investing.  Being an excellent steward includes understanding how the flow of money — like everything else — is meant to overflow your own plate and run over into others as well.

To keep a generous spirit, and to know that the source of all wealth comes from God,  is to honor the gift of money and to keep that tool well sharpened and held rightly.

Desiring “financial prosperity” is like saying I want “time prosperity” or “talent prosperity” — but you want enough time in order to experience a more prosperous life.  You want talent and passion in order to experience a prosperous life.  You likely also want money in order to experience a prosperous life.

You have a certain amount of time.  How well will you use that time in exchange for things that bring in the kinds of prosperity you want for your life?

You also have a certain amount of money.  How well will you use that money to exchange for things that bring in the kinds of true prosperity you want for your life?

One of the most amazing parts of my upcoming class is when we begin to grow our prosperity by literally seeing all the diamonds already in our lives.  Getting clear on your true desires and true priorities opens up space in your life for goodness to come in just by the natural re-ordering of things.  Like packing your trunk, if you put your bags in the right order, a whole lot more fits in (and you didn’t change the shape of the trunk at all!)

Let’s think about this as it translates to physical health:  One of the fastest ways to diminish your physical health is to start using the tools of physical health (like food or exercise) as an end goal themselves.  All of a sudden, the tool of healthy food causes you to diminish your the life prosperity of vibrant wellness- I know many “health nuts” that are far from the picture of true health.  

Money gets really tricky because it is the one area that we call “prosperity” that is actually simply a tool for prosperity — and just one tool at that!

We forget that, like any tool, we need to grow as good stewards of it.  We need to learn to wield it and use it as a master if we expect to gain masterful outcomes.  We understand that when other tools (like time and talents) are squandered — they don’t produce the results they COULD HAVE produced if they were used well.  This was a HUGE ah-ha moment and turning point for me in my business.

It is critical to take care of this area of your life.  It holds power because the way you use money and steward money is a huge factor in how aligned and congruent your life energy is.  If this area of your life is a crazy hot mess, it is going to be impossible for you to live the life you desire (a peace-filled, powerful, calm, secure and content one).

It will also be impossible to have the impact you want in the world.  (If you have a heart for making the world a better place in some way, you can do far more good by having funds to support that passion.)

Using the money you do have in your life — whether little or much– in a way that is in integrity and congruence with who you are, what you believe and how you want to live only yields prosperous outcomes…and prosperity by its very nature blesses and increases.

 I’d love to hear in the comments your feelings around money and how you’ve experienced money as a tool (or a weapon) against your true desires of prosperity!  And, if you’ve found this valuable, consider sharing it – it may bless a mama in your circles, too.

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