Your Life Song

Have you ever tried to hum a tune while the radio was on in the background? 

It’s hard.  Especially if the radio is loud or if you aren’t particularly familiar with the song.  And it gets harder to hold that tune when noise is coming in from a lot of directions.

Every person has their own inner “cadence” or rhythm.  Their own life song.  Like a unique fingerprint of who you are, who you are here to become and what you are here to give away.

At the end of the day (or at the end of this lifetime) what else do you really have to give but your song?  I think it’s important to do what you need to stay in touch with it.  To practice it, to get excellent at it, and (ultimately) to share it and give it away.

But it’s not easy to hear it when the noise around you is too loud.

Today I want to encourage you to take an honest look at your days, weeks, months and years.

Recently I’ve been trying to reserve one full day a week with absolutely no commitments for myself or my family.  No birthday parties, no family get togethers, no appointments, no errands.

Just a wide open day where we can all wake up and see a full day ahead of us totally open to fill as we want as the day unfolds.  Nothing on the agenda but open time.

I’ve been shocked at how hard it is to protect that day from life’s tendency to want to fill every second with something planned.  But when I’ve succeeded those days have been glorious in the most unassuming, relaxing and surprising ways.

Today, I want to challenge you to take a little assessment of your days, weeks and months.

  • Do you have time on a daily basis where you intentionally turn off the noise, slow down the pace, and make a practice of listening to your inner song for a while?
  • On a weekly basis do you have protected stretches of hours or a day when you reserve open time that isn’t already booked with commitments?

If you have strategies or ways you bring in this necessary “retreat” time into your schedule, hop over and share it in the comments. 

Or if you have ways that help you more closely practice your own “life song” in the midst of a very noisy world- I’d love to hear that too!