There was a time shortly after becoming a mother and being home with my child for a number of months that I went a little “stir crazy” we’ll say.

And this set me off to try and nail down that elusive “life’s purpose” question. You know trying to figure out what you uniquely have to offer the world…your super power- those gifts and talents that you are meant to share and bless others with.

I found an extremely simple way to get clarity around the gifts you are most suited to offer. I shot a quick video explaining the little secret to getting crystal clear and unearthing a key component of your life’s purpose- what gifts you are here to offer the world.

Like I promised, I’ll share with you one of my “super powers” if you’ll share with me about yours

I not only personally feel alive on a stage and in front of an audience…but I get to see the women and mothers I speak to lift and shine and radiate themselves…it is a complete joy for me

Incidentally, if you are part of a group, church or organization that is interested in having me come and speak or lead a workshop- shoot an email to my manager Bren at wellgroundedlife (at) gmail (dot) com.  We’ll send you some more information. 

Now it’s your turn…what is your superpower…what do you do that makes others around you shine? Let me know in the comments!