Your 5 Life Currencies- Are You Spending Them Well?


When you think of currency most of us immediately think of money, which is certainly one form of currency.   But for right now I want us to broaden this definition and apply it to our lives as a whole.

Money is one way that we exchange value for value.  If you want a new pair of jeans, you exchange your money for the jeans- a value exchange.

Let’s expand this metaphor a little further and think about 5 different “inner natural resources”  that we all have which we can exchange for value in the world.  How we spend these inner natural resources says a whole lot about our inner values and beliefs.  It also dictates what kind of life we live and how extraordinary our lives become (or don’t become).

So what are these 5 inner natural resources?

I’m going to go through a quick list below.  I have much to share about each of these currencies, but today will be a summary.

1.  Time

How do you spend your time?   Every single successful and purposeful person I know takes great care in how they spend their precious hours every day and wisely makes choices about how they fill their lives.  You have a lot more time in the day than you think you do.

This isn’t a judgment- but a fact.  There was a time I lamented the loss of time I had in a day after becoming a mom.  When I stopped using that as an excuse and invested the time I did have in different ways I was able to do many things that I never thought I could accomplish.

2.  Thoughts

How in control of your thoughts are you?  In my course Harmonize Your Hormones we explored a whole module on “Mastering the Mental Triggers” because our thoughts are so crucial to how our lives unfold.  I would argue that most of our stress comes from how we think about things.

3.  Words

How often do you think before you speak?  Your words are like a double edged light saber 😉  They powerfully impact both yourself and others that receive them.  And I’ve found that what you tend to say most casually in life bears the biggest weight in terms of your investment. Begin to pay attention to what your “small talk” with others is like.

4.  Feelings

How well do you direct your feelings?  Many of us believe that we don’t have control of our feelings.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.   We all feel a full range of feelings every day.  But where we tend to get stuck,  where we allow ourselves to linger, and where our habits bring us back to time and time again are within our control.  Want to feel a little bit happier right now?  Smile.  Literally, smile right now.  Do you feel the shift?

5.  Talents | Natural Gifts

How often are you using your natural gifts and talents in your life? I know in my own life having the opportunity to use my gifts and talents is a huge source of satisfaction and high returns for living a deeply fulfilling life.

Expressing yourself through the gifts you were blessed with is linked to the delight of feeling fully alive.  When we go too long without this kind of creative outlet in some form, we can experience a flatness and numbness.  Take note of where in your life you are expressing something you uniquely are gifted with or have a special passion around.


The Secret to Analyzing Your Life Currencies

Here’s the secret to analyzing these currencies in your life: beyond thinking about them individually, the trick is to look at them as a whole.  The most important question is “How aligned are these currencies in my life?”

What gives you a life full of peace, purpose and power is alignment.  Aligning your life currencies gives you a potency in life.

It causes a huge amount of emotional pain when our inner values and priorities are not being expressed in how we are using our life currencies. When there is incongruence in your life your energy is scattered, chaotic and alarmed.  It feels like the more you expend energy, the more diluted your life becomes.

When there is congruence in your life you feel aligned and clear.  Your life has a potency and power.

How well are you spending your life currencies?  Where could you better align your life investments? Let me know in the comments whether this way of thinking about your life resonates with you.  And, please do share it with your community if you think it could benefit others!