I’m Featured At Spark Wellness


am used to being on the other side of the mic lately with the fantastic interviews I’ve had here…but today I’m over at Spark Wellness being interviewed by my friend and fellow health counselor, Andrea Moss.

Photo by Papalars

Andrea is part of the incredible consortium of practitioners over at Spark Wellness If you haven’t already, please take a minute to explore her excellent blog. It is regularly updated with inspiring articles, wellness advice, tips and experiences that support you on your journey of wellness.

Andrea has a thriving business based in NYC and works with clients from all over the country in person and through telecounseling.  In fact, since I am currently not taking individual clients right now, I regularly refer people inquiring about health coaching to her.  Andrea is a passionate and effective counselor whose clients get top notch attention and serious results.

You’ve heard me talk about the benefits of cleansing here before.  I created my eBook on cleansing for those who want to design and go through a cleanse on their own.  But some may want the added attention of a guided experience.  If that is you, I highly recommend you check out Andrea’s group cleanse program.  She works with two other practitioners to set up a three tier program that allows you to choose a cleanse that is right for you, while getting the additional support of a cleanse leader through teleclasses and group forums. (but hurry it begins May 10)

And now, if you have a moment, hop on over to read my interview!


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