I’d like to introduce you to Warrior Mama, Samantha…

Dear beautiful mamas,

I’ve never written an email like this to the WellGrounded Life community before, so I’m asking for your permission to introduce and share someone very special to me, who also happens to have a very special need right now in her life.

I want you to meet to my dear friend, Samantha Gill.

You may have heard me talk before about the Wise Woman and the Warrior Mom– parts within us that, as mothers, get called upon when we need to rise up and go beyond what we ever thought we could in order to walk through difficult or challenging times in our life.

When I witness other mothers stretch the boundaries of their love to such extremes when their children are in need it brings me to my knees in awe.

Samantha’s youngest daughter, Addie is a little girl with special needs.  She has been diagnosed with Polymicrogyria (PMG), Autism Spectrum Disorder & a rare lung disease called Ciliary Dyskensia.

This past year I have watched Samantha, as a single mom, parent her two gorgeous girls, work full time and fundraise her tushy off in order to get Addie the support and help she needs to thrive and be safe.

Specifically, she is rallying to bring home a service dog for Addie. A service dog will be able to redirect Addie during her repetitive behaviors, prevent possible harmful behaviors, track her should she run/wander away and best of all comfort her during stressful times.

Sam has already raised all the funds she needed to purchase the dog- a huge feat in and of itself. But now she is in the final push and needs to raise money in order to take the trip to Ohio with Addie in order to be fully trained with the dog and bring her home!

She’s so close, just $4,000 away at this point…and something inside of me felt absolutely overcome in wanting to send out this request for your help. I’m learning to trust when a God nudge says “Do this.” …and so here I am typing away.

If you are able and feel moved to contribute, would you consider offering a small amount toward this most beautiful warrior mama and her precious family?

Click here to go directly to her donation site.

ANY amount is so gratefully and joyfully accepted. Could you offer $5 or maybe $10? If you’d like (though certainly not necessary) feel free to mention in the note area that you are coming over from the WellGrounded Life community…I know Sam would love to know the mamas over here are rallying with her in love and support.

And if this isn’t the right time for you, I absolutely understand. Mamas, we all do what we can with what we have everyday- we offer all of we’ve got to those we love and sometimes we have a bit extra to pass along, and other times we simply don’t. This appeal is sent with gracious love for those who feel moved to give a little but with no intention to pressure at all.

We all belong to each other in more real and true ways than I think we can ever understand on this side of the journey.

Sending this with a heart full of love,


p.s.  Here is the donation page link again– so grateful for your considering this!


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