I want to live in a world…


I want to live in a world where mothers are radiant and replenished. 

Where no one is expected to give and give and give without receiving.  Where it is just as normal for a mother to invest in herself as it is for her to invest in her husband or children’s well-being, growth and vitality.

I want to live in a world where mothers are experiencing peace and plenty in their lives.  Where vibrant calm is rooted deep within their center spaces.  Where they are pillars of vitality and joy to those around them.

I want to live in a world where mothers have deep anchors of nourishment and self-care woven into their lives.  Where they are well equipped and supported for the mighty job of raising the next generation.

I’m disheartened when I hear moms yearn for the support they desperately need…only to not know where to turn to get that kind of help.  I’m saddened when I hear moms who feel so low and depleted they don’t believe they will ever feel any better and are caught in cul-de-sac of hopelessness.

I’m deflated when I hear moms feel they can’t invest in themselves because everyone else in their lives gets to get filled first.

I want every mother to feel they are a cared-for, understood, loved woman within a beautiful network of other mothers all desiring to lift each other up along the way together.

I want every mother to know who they are- deep down inside, to really understand how their body, mood and mind was designed and then have the tools and skills to work with their design so the healthy, vital, energized woman within fully emerges.


Not too long ago, I was the mother that I desperately wanted so much more for.

So I created courses and materials to put together all the parts of the process that helped me move my own life toward the best and brightest version of me.

I created virtual courses so I could reach out my hand – across the world- and see if another mother needed a lift up along her way.

Turns out, after 9 years of reaching out my hand over and over again through WellGrounded Life…tens of thousands of hands reached back to grasp mine.  It has been the most amazing, fulfilling, blessed journey I could have imagined.

I would love to share a stretch of your motherhood journey with you… if you aren’t part of our email community- you are (so very and warmly) invited! Join me below for my 7 Days to Calm mini-series so we can get to know each other a bit more 🙂

Much love,