The doors officially close tonight (Jan 30 – midnight EST) for Replenish 365.

Tomorrow the incredible group of women who have gathered will all settle in with each other and walk through a year full of anticipation, learning, wellness, growth and discovery.

Right now, I’m pausing and reflecting from this viewpoint.

It’s as if I’m looking just over the crest of the mountain knowing the journey we have ahead of us and watching the unfolding path we’ll be walking soon.

Replenish 365 has been a long time coming.

It’s the culmination of all that I’ve done in the past 4 years, woven into a body of work I’m tremendously proud of…but I never lose sight that it really was birthed from the darkest valleys of my own walk.

I set out on my own journey to restore my well-being because I wanted so desperately to receive all the gifts I knew were already lining the edges of my everyday ordinary experiences.

For so long I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t enjoy, I couldn’t breath and unwind and settle into my life. I felt tossed between overdrive and escape mode all the time- never quite able to land in that sweet spot of vitality and contentment I craved.

This is when I started to really understand that living an “extraordinary” life had everything to do with the ability to truly embrace and bring alive the ordinary goodness and blessings right in front of you.

For me extraordinary meant ::

Having the calm presence during my days to make connections with my children rather than reacting in overwhelm every time something felt difficult with them.

Having the lightness of heart to spontaneously pull them into me for a tickle session when they passed by instead of feeling tethered to my next to-do task.

Having the capacity to pause long enough to watch the angle of the winter sun makes long blue shadows across the backyard.

It meant more energy and laughter, more kindness (toward myself and my family), more creativity pulsing through my veins, more verve and spark again…more connection and richness in the everyday-ness of it all.

I knew that I already had extraordinary all over the place, I just needed to find a way to tap into it more often.


And the best way I’ve found to tap into it was to learn to take true care of myself.

The more whole and healthy I became the more I was able to see and open to the gifts already woven into my life- just waiting to be received.

I struggled for so long with whether I deserved to invest in my own well-being, whether carving out money and time and effort toward my own needs was too selfish now that I was a mom and had so many other people to care for.

But the truth remains that if I’m functioning on an empty tank day after day – I simply can’t show up for those I love the way I want to…and I can’t show up for myself the way I want to, either.

This is the very premise of what Replenish 365 is all about — to learn how you become brighter in order to bless those you love more fully.

I trust at this point you’ve heard about Replenish 365, you’ve listened to the preview class, you’ve read the questions (and their answers). This is not an email trying to force more information about this program down your throat.

This is mainly my reflection on the phenomenal year I’m embarking on (with now over 120) women…and a simple, final reminder that we close enrollment this evening at midnight.

The next time the doors open will be a year from now.

I would love to have every woman who’s meant to circle with me in the group- if that is you, now’s the time to sign up and join us!

If that is not you...I still have incredible resources and support in store for my larger WellGrounded Life community…sit tight, I have great things planned for you, too 🙂

Sending this with a heart full of extraordinary gratitude and love,


One day left…if you are ready for me, I’m ready for you…Replenish 365 sign up page is here.