How many of us think of our hormones as things that are “out of control,” wishing we could just straighten them out and get them in line?

It’s the same mantra many of us have had since puberty around our period- that it’s something we just have to “deal” with and do our best to manage so that our life doesn’t have to stop or slow down at all to accommodate our body.

I’m in the business of radically changing our inner mantras around our bodies and helping us understand how to share a different story with our daughters.

Our amazingly complex, elegant, powerful and intricate hormonal bodies are not meant to be controlled and tidied up and “kept in line”… even though that’s what we’re sold all the time, everywhere.

We’re sold promises that we can tidy up our body (and our life) so that it doesn’t go haywire on us, so it behaves, so that it does what it’s told.

We refer to our hormones like they are wild children that need a stern talking to and a white picket fence to cage them.  We’ve got it all backward.

Your hormones serve you in the most brilliant way possible.  They are the front lines that shift, amplify, diminish, cascade and trigger in RESPONSE to this unpredictable life so you can stay alive and vital and well.

Resilient, responsive and regenerated are amazing things you want your hormones to be … but it’s NOT about getting them to be highly controlled and boxed in like hospital corners.

Life isn’t predictable.

Life is nuts.  And our Designer knows that.  So you’ll see that our body is equipped with a system that can roll and rock and find rhythm in the waves.

Because no matter how well nourished and “in balance” your hormones are, you’re going to have off-the-chart days and weeks. (Or at least I do, regularly).

I used to think if my life was just a little cleaner, more organized, less crazy- then my mind and body could finally handle life better. But what I actually found is when my mind and body were working optimally, I could hang with the messiness of life in such a different way- messy gave way to spontaneity, and flexibility, and laughter and creativity whereas, before, it simply gave way to overwhelm and frazzle and shut down.

And when you *really* get it, you can begin to nourish your body through the food you eat as well as hundreds of other ways you can nurture and balance yourself like integrative breath work, mind-body techniques, energy medicine, lifestyle practices, nutritional and herbal supplements, creativity, movement and thoughts.

You begin to proactively know ways to participate in your own biochemical wellbeing without being chained down to intense protocols or wellness routines.

Ahhh, okay. I’m taking a deep breath- can you see how jazzed I get about these things?!?

I’m getting soooo ahead of myself, I know.

I want you to begin to explore a whole new way to love up your body and mind by understanding the beauty of your design. That’s exactly why I created my Harmonize Your Hormones course…and I’m leading an (amazing!) group of mamas through this course in a week from today. We begin October 7 and I would love…LOVE…you to be part of this journey with us.

I’m a mama just like you- my days are FULL to the brim with life and demands and family and work and dishes and schedules…so I craft my courses in ways that allow even the most overwhelmed among us to tap in and grab the support and tools they need to get them moving closer to calm, vitality, balance and well being each day.

Consider this my heartfelt invitation for you to come along all the course details are HERE.

If you have any questions at all, shoot me an email back and ask away (just hit reply to this email).

Sending this off with love and visions of vitality,


p.s.  Here’s the link again for the Harmonize Your Hormones course…I’d love for you to explore more deeply if this is a good fit for you!