Tsh over at Simple Mom has been sharing her “behind the curtain” view on how she manages a young family and a growing, successful blog at the same time.

I’ve really enjoyed her posts on the subject.  And found it refreshing to have these questions teased out in the open.

I often get emails asking me how I do it all, as well…and I can tell you there is always a sincere pause after reading it as I wonder how in the world someone could think I do it all!

For every “yes” I say in life, there is a “no”…and the very best we can all do is be intentional and clear about what we are saying yes to so we create a life we absolutely love and that is in total congruence to our inner values.

In fact, that is what it is all about.

Honoring our life with our choices.  Living our gratitude with how we are creating our life.

And sailing that ship through the waters of distraction and busyness and noise and static of the world.

It’s why I believe so firmly in our need for silence and space for listening. For self awareness, self connection and developing an inner anchor.

I had the privilege of reading through Mandi Ehman’s ebook, How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too which shares in depth about her personal story being a stay at home mom and realizing her dreams of pursuing a business…as well as concrete tips and strategies for how she makes it work.

In Mandi’s words, “There’s no doubt that being a mother is the highest calling there is. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly, and I wouldn’t trade a moment with my girls for all of the riches in the world.

But I am also a woman with unique skills, an entrepreneurial spirit and dreams of my own, and I’ve discovered in the last few years that it is possible to juggle motherhood and family alongside my own passions and pursuits.”

This is what I have found in my own life is the barometer of balance: Am I more or less the true and best version of me?

My ultimate goal every day is to continue to become more of the person I am meant to be, in closer alignment with my true inner value and beliefs.

Regardless of what happens, what my reactions were or how I lived the day, when I reflect and process it, I am always looking for the thread that helps me see my inner person developing, my spirit strengthening, my growth.

And when I begin to see that something in my life- either the choices I’m making, the time I’m spending on certain things, or the thoughts and attitudes I’m holding…when they are consistently leading me farther away from congruence with my inner values- I know what needs to change.

When I am no longer growing and developing and becoming more of the person I want to be…then I need to take serious stock and make changes.

I am called to make sure that the work I do in the world directly helps me become a better person, a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend.

That the work I do and the time I spend doing that work continues to grow me and develop me and spur me on to being more in alignment with who I am and who I’m meant to be.

That is my bottom line.

That is how I know whether I’m honoring God, honoring myself and honoring my family through my work…and it is also how I know when I need to make changes or shift priority in how I’m spending my time and focus.

How about you, what barometer do you use to help you live the life you deeply desire?