In the process of working with so many mothers from all around the world, I’ve come to see that our generation is carving out a new way of mothering.

As modern women, we are navigating the path of motherhood while seeking to honor our ambitions and passions… and in the process creating a whole new path for ourselves and our daughters who will be coming after us.

But the truth is, many of us don’t have clear models to look to as we walk this blended path. I certainly didn’t.

A little over two years ago, I had a vision to host an interview series with an intimate group of inspirational moms that are doing heart-centered work in the world to tell their story, share their lessons and inspire/engage other moms along the path as well.I knew that I wanted to hear more conversations around how different woman are balancing their top priorities with their passions.
I wanted us to learn from each other on how we can listen to our inner drive and ambitions without sacrificing our families.


This is how the M.A.P.P. (Motherhood, Ambition, Passion and Purpose) Gathering was born.

I asked 9 nationally recognized authors, speakers, artists and experts doing remarkable work in the world, open up and share honestly about navigating the journey of motherhood while pursuing their dreams.

Women like Brene Brown, Jennifer Louden, Renee Trudeau, Dr. Sara Gottfried and more join me for for this series.

This is a completely free offering and I still get feedback from women who have listened to the interviews on how much they have impacted them.

The full series of interviews are Season 2 of The WellGrounded Life podcast.

Hop over to my podcast page to begin listening to the interviews.

As modern mothers, we need to enter this dialogue.  And we need our collective inspiration, wisdom and encouragement to help us find our own path of balance and fulfillment.

The M.A.P.P. Gathering is about diving right into the heart of the new paradigm of mothering from a deeply nurtured, generous, fulfilled and purposeful place in the world.

Each of our paths will look different, but we have so much to learn from each other and in the connections we build along the way.

You are invited in.  Welcomed.  Waited for.  Anticipated.

Much love,